Justin portrayed by Tylerbrickfan

Cody portrayed by TotalDramaFan2.0

Dramatic Drama Brothers is the tenth episode of Total Drama Rap Battles. It is a rap battle between Justin and Cody.


Chris: Last time on Total Drama Rap Battles! Courtney and Gwen battled it out. They threw every possible thing they could throw at each other. It was nasty! By nasty, I mean wicked! But Gwen had the game in the bag. She won by a landslide. Courtney is joining the Peanut Gallery of Losers. We go to her now.

Gwen: Will Duncan be okay? I hope Courtney doesn't kill him.

Courtney: (is lying down on a bench in the Peanut Gallery, she appears to be having a therapy session with a Drama Machine, (not Alerobot) ) So that little ogre, goth loser tries to nab everything because she's a grimy loser! I hate her! So what do you have to say?

Drama Machine: By my analysis, Courtney you are disliked by a lot of people. It also appears that Duncan did not dump you because he is dumb, as you say, but because you continuously nagged him. In this situation, Gwen is like a kitten, you are like a rat. The cat shall eat the rat.

Courtney: .......WHAT THE HECK DOES THAT EVEN MEAN!?!!?!? (starts violently kicking the Drama Machine)

Lightning: (hiding behind Peanut Gallery next to Duncan) You use to date her? Are you sha-kidding me?

Duncan: Honestly? I wish I was. Those were dark times.

Sadie: That's sugarcoating it!

Chris: After a battle like that, what could possibly be better? I have no idea but here's Justin and Cody!

Cody: Hey Justin I don't mean to be mean, but your face keeps getting uglier, as it would seem. You lost your touch, you think the girls have to taste. I hate to break it to you but you are a huge waste. As the Codemeister, I'll have to know, I have fangirls all over, wherever I go. Don't say anything, you'll ruin the show. My fanbase is multiplying and yours is zero.

Justin: Be insulted? Why should I? You are nothing but rowdy and wild. You remind me of a mommy holding the hand of her child. A child is what you are, no girl thinks you're hot. I accept this battle, because I'm hot and you're not. I have the looks, the brains and the brawn. You look as though you'd be Ezekiel's spawn. Sierra's insane, to think your the stuff. She wouldn't know beauty if it bite her in the face. Well you know what? Enough. Cody, it's time to be put in your place.

Cody: Justin you're joking. Sierra may be crazy and not be any fun. But she's still a fan girl and I see you don't have one. Your so pathetic it almost makes me sympathetic. I wouldn't dare wish to even think of being you. I couldn't handle the hate, the lousiness. How do you do it? Justin, come to realize you aren't hot no more. Throw in the towel, sit on down and go find the door.

Justin: You're almost as crazy as Izzy and Sierra combined. It should be illegal how stupid you are. I have an agency, for my modeling career. I make every girl swoon from here and afar. I changed my mind. It should be illegal how hot I am, Go back to your girl team and be Sierra's toy please, M'am!

Cody: M'am? A girl? Stop right there! I got a part with every girl here on this show. I'm small and weak but I ruled the game and that's something you should know. TDA you made what? 7th place. I made it to the final 3 and had support from practically the whole human race. I'm done. We're finished. The game has come to an end. Find your mirror, watch it break and cry to a friend.

Justin: (holds up mirror *teeth sparkle* ) I still got it. It's almost a sin. I had my puppets from Season 2 to help me win. I may have lost but in the end, I won. I got a job and my good looks too. You have nothing but your creepy smile and gap tooth. Let's not go further, do you want to know why? Your scrawny, I'm built and I hate when babies cry. (phone rings, answers it, it's his agent) Umm Hello?....Darren!...

Cody: Yo Justin! You listen to me......?? Justin? (Justin is still on his phone)

Justin: (snaps back at Cody) Not now! (back to phone) I'd be honored to accept.......Great!....

Chris: And that's a rap! Hahahahah! Auu....That joke never gets old.

Cody: It got old the first time you used it.

Justin: Next week, in California?....You mean it? They want me there?

Chris: So! Who won?

Cody: Nobody should have won! We never finished.

Justin: (hangs up) Well. What now?

Chris: *sighs* Who won?


Who's the Winner? (Justin potrayed by Tylerbrickfan / Cody potrayed by TotalDramaFan2.0)

The Eye Candy.......or.......The Geek

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