Total Drama Ridonculous Race.

Each episode has a new, different, distinct location which will each have new, distinct, different locals with new distinct, different designs.

Each episode will have new locations with new objects to animate. Each with different functions and sound effects.

This season contains a whopping cast of thirty seven characters, including the host. That's thirty seven distinct, different, character designs (except the twins since they are in fact twins) with distinctive running styles, personalities, and voices.

If you listen closely, pretty much EVERY team has their own individualized theme music that quietly plays in the background whenever they speak. Rock and roll for Rock and Spud. Sad and tear-jerking for Jay and Mickey. Romantic fluttery music for Carrie and Devin. Old timey swing for Gerry and Pete. The list goes on.

AND we're back to twenty seven episodes. No more 13 episodes. We're getting the full package.

Long story short, judging by the FIRST episode, this season has clearly stacked up on every department behind the scenes. They're not holding back.

So believe it or not, this season is, by far, the most complicated of all seasons we've seen thus far. Island was fun, but it was choppy at times. A LOT of small continuity and animation errors slipped by in every episode of TDI, yet we're VERY forgiving of that since it was the first season. We've only grown stricter, pickier, and needier since then.

On that note, keep in mind ALL of the new additions of TDRR. Think of all of the effort being put into this show. The writers seemed to actually LISTEN to us this time. I mean... they KNEW Noah was the fandom's underdog, so they finally threw us a bone and included him again. The writers seem to CARE this time. Less errors have been made, and there's overall LESS to COMPLAIN about.

So.... can you please consider all of the effort going into this season and the overall quality of it before you nitpick for something to complain about? Don't reach for small, meaningless things like "Jay and Mickey are CAMERON 2.0", "Kelly and Taylor are AMY and SAMMY" (which they REALLY aren't... so why do people even say that? You're wrong. You're just wrong) "These characters are just FODDER" and anything else y'all pessimistic lil minds can muster up. 

All in all, start seeing the mass amount of POSITIVITY that can be found in just that ONE leaked episode as opposed to the negative things that can CLEARLY be ignored like the little slip-ups in TDI. We ignored the slip ups once. Why can't we do it again?

Be positive. TDAS is over. The dark ages are behind us. Chins up. ;)

On that note, look at this screenshots I nabbed of some contestants looking goofy. Look at them! Laugh! Smile! Have a good time! Enjoy the friggin show already! Good times!

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