All For Love And Love For One is the fourteenth episode of Total Drama Rap Battles. It is a rap battle between Sierra and Trent

Trent portrayed by Tylerbrickfan

Sierra portrayed by TotalDramaFan2.0


Chris: Last time on Total Drama Rap Battles, Leshawna and Brick, hearts of gold, battled with all of their might. Leshawna managed to smack down Brick, even after Brick called for reinforcements. That girl is on fire. Brick joins the peanut gallery. (Brick is slumping over to the peanut gallery)

Leshawna: Yo Brick! (Brick looks back. Leshawna salutes. Brick smiles and salutes back) It was nice facing you.

Brick: Thank you m'am. I wish you the best of luck. Win this competition.

Sadie: That was so sweet (she's still hugging Justin)

Justin: Someone help me.

Ezekiel: What's with all of the girls winning? (Eva punches Zeke out of the peanut gallery)

Lightning: Darn that girl is strong!

Chris: Yeah! Whatever! This next battle was chosen because these two are desperate. Desperate to win. they have someone special who's already won before during the past Total Drama Rap Battles. It's Sierra and Trent! Begin!

Sierra: LOL & OMG When I see your game my ears, they bleed. You were so cool and great in Season 1, by Season 2 you lost your fun. I watched it 23 times, each time you fell. But still if I rewatch it I still ROFL.

Sierra, crazy Cody fan? Please. Just stop. I win all I can. But really, no getting past me. I need to win so I can see ......Gwen. ill count to ten, er, nine. This battle is mine. Its my time to shine. After this my autograph will be worth mire than your Cody shrine.

Sierra: EEEEEEE I knew it! You still like the goth. But if you want to see her, rap like a cheetah, not a sloth. You may want to be with your honey, but I do too, in fact it's not funny.You can imagine being with Gwen while you play your tune. But too bad, you'll lose while I'm on my second Honeymoon!

Trent: really? I knew it! You're in this for that boy.Sierra, you act like hes a toy. You're obbsessed. Sick. You're like an annoying tick. You bite, you itch. But now, time to hitch. I'm winning, so leave. And quit being so naive. The person to win this battle is me!

Sierra: Trent, your too late, behind your time, don't you see. Nobody wants you anymore it's just GxD. Gwen is a witch so why want her anyway. She a two boyfriend stealing homewrecker, You must be the same way!

Trent: woah. Sierra. I thinking you're right. Why do I want Gwen? All she does is fight! Yeah, sure, I'm so over her! Even thinking back to our time together is like a blur....*has flashbacks pf his time with Gwen* wait! Hey! I'm not falling for that! Duncan and Gwen will never last! They're like the ship, but I am the mast! Not so fast! I will win this, and be with Gwen. Then Duncan will never see her ever again!

Sierra: Is your mind, boggled, full of fog. I have a 37 topics based on you two. I can pull up a blog! You'r history It's over, Gwen and Trent, GxT, Gwent are done. But Sioddy, Coderra is ranked number 1. As the number one extreme, ultra fan, I hate to say but Gwen doesn't like you anymore, that's why she ran!

Trent: Sierra. What a joke. You and Cody? Together? That makes me choke. Newsflash, Sierra. Cody doesn't like you. And personally, I think you're annoying, too. So fangirl, phsyco chick, go buy a brain. If Duncan ever comes near me, I'm bringing the pain!

Sierra: I'm the nicest to Cody, of course he loves me. I'm better than the other Cody ships! Gwody, Gweth and even Cadie! You lost it in Action. You were an absolute wreck. Think i'm kidding? Grab a computer, get on the fansite and check!

Trent: Sierra you're done. You make guys creeped out and you've put Cody on the run. Who do you think you are? You're not his wife, neither his mistress. You may love Cody but he could care less! I know things between me and Gwen may seem steep, but you can't be with Cody not anyone. Who would date a creep?

Chris: And we're done! It's over! The stakes are high. If Sierra wins, she gets to be reunited with Cody. If Trent wins then he may have to face Gwen again. So. Who won?


Who's the Winner? (Trent portrayed by Tylerbrickfan, Sierra portrayed by TotalDramaFan2.0)

The Musician, Trent.......or.......The Uber-Fan, Sierra

(The reason rule still applies)

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