Izzy, Cody, Tyler and Katie potrayed by Tylerbrickfan

Staci, Scott, Noah and Gwen potrayed by TotalDramaFan2.0

A Day In The Strife is the eleventh episode of Total Drama Rap Battles. It is a peek at the winners of the previous battles and how they are handling life at Playa Des Winners.


Chris: Welcome Everybody! This is a special episode of Total Drama Rap Battles! Today we check on our winners!

Justin: (From the Peanut Gallery) I should be with the winners! This is all rigged! I should have won!

Sadie: OMG JUSTIN! *(hugs him)

Justin: AAAUUUUGGGGGHHHHH Not the hair!

Chris: We haven't seen any of them since they...well....won. The losers get the Peanut Gallery, they also sleep in a cabin we made out of parts of my old plane. (cuts to Peanut Gallery sleeping in a cabin made of scrap collapses) Ummm...They'll be fine. Nothing a little medical help can't handle. Chef! (Chef walks by in a Nurse outfit) So, shall we visit our winners?

Playa Des Winners

(Chris is getting off of boat at a place similar to Playa des Losers. It looks more modern and high tech. The outdoor pool design is the same as Playa Des Losers. The place is tricked out with neon lights, decorated palm trees and a butler named Finnigan)

Finnigan: Hello.

Chris: Sup

(The winners are all enjoying themselves in the resort, Noah is reading a book in a sunchair)

Noah: (reading book) Boring plot twist. Too cliche. (sets down book, picks up another one. Tyler is diving off of the diving board making good dives)

Tyler: YEAH! I've improved by like.....(starts counting in his head. Katie is sitting with Staci, angrily painting her own nails at a table being served by Finnigan)

Staci: You know Katie, if you chilled out a bit, we could become great friends. Maybe you and I could get along, my great great great great grandmother invented nail polish. So I know this stuff. (Katie is grumbling angrily)

Finnigan: (looking very tired an annoyed) Young Miss you still haven't told me what you wanted to order.

Staci: I'm getting to it, hold on (Scott is helping himself at the buffet)

Scott: These taste way better than rocks...(lobs a slab of steak that lands on Noah's book) Hehehe. They still can be thrown like one though. (laughs, Noah attempts to ignore. Izzy is swimming in the pool pretending to be a shark)

Izzy: dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun (bites out of the water) DUN DUUUUNNNN!!! (she dives back into the water. Gwen is sitting at the swim up tiki bar, legs aren't in the water to avoid Izzy)

Gwen: Izzy! Mind not being crazy for just like....a minute? (Cody is sitting next to her)

Cody: I know, right?

Gwen: CODY!?! When did you get here?

Cody: I came here with Chris. I need to join my fellow winners don't I?

Gwen: (sighs)

Staci: So that's how I my great great great great grandfather's great great great grandson!

Katie: Staci, do you ever Shut up? (continues painting nails)

Staci: I do....for some circumstances (whispers) Katie. How does an alliance sound?

Katie: (stops painting) Oh. Well, I ...uh..Ummmm..

Finnigan: (getting slightly angry) Miss, can I please have you orde(Staci pushes Finnigan away)

Staci: Listen..I won't take any of your guys. After all, you're so much prettier. (pats Katie's hands) Plus. I won't betray you like a certain someone.

Katie: (thinks for a second about Sadie) Yeah. I'm in. (takes picture of Sadie from scrapbook and rips it to shreds)

Staci: (under her breath) Perfect.

Noah: (is splashed by Tyler's cannonball) Do you mind? I love unexpectedly getting splashed in the face as much as the next person, but really?

Tyler: Oh. Sorry Bro! (gets out of pool, slips back into pool)

Noah: (splashed again) Thanks bro, that's much better.

Tyler: (crawls out of pool, falls flat on face)

Scott: (laughing) You two are easy pickings. I almost feel bad imagining how easy it will be to take you two down.

Noah: Go eat a rock, Scott.

Tyler: Hey! No-one talks about me that way! Ill mess you up! (attempts to run over to Scott, but trips)

Scott: Really now? (drops slab of steak onto Tyler's face and prepares to walk away)

Tyler: (glares at Scott while on ground)

Noah: Hey Scott! (is standing at the edge of the pool)

Scott: (walks towards Noah) WhaAAAAHHH (trips over Tyler, Noah steps out of the way and Scott falls into pool)

Tyler: That's how!

Noah & Tyler: (laughing, they high five)

Scott: You two get away with this for now. But in the end I AAAAUUUUGGGHHHH! (Scott quickly gets out of the pool grasping his rear and runs in terror, Izzy emerges from the water)

Izzy: HAHA That was gross but SO COOL! (Noah and Tyler double over in laughter at Scott)

Cody: Only Izzy. (turns to Gwen) Hey Gwen?

Gwen: Huh?

Cody: Oh. (chickens out) Gwen. I see you beat Courtney. (playfully, and weakly punches Gwen's shoulder) Good job.

Gwen: Yeah. It felt good to stick it to her. Cody. Can we just be friends. Promise you won't hit on me while we're here? Can you be happy for me like you were when I was with Trent...please?

Cody: (was just about to hit on Gwen) Hit on you? Pshh. That's crazy talk.

Gwen: Okay good. (Interrupted by Chris)

Chris: Everybody! I would like to ask you all, Who would you like to see here at Playa des Winners? Someone who hasn't been eliminated yet.

Katie: Trent! Eee! He's so hot and sooo single!

Tyler: Definitely my girl Lindsay!

Noah: I wouldn't mind having Owen around. Have him sit on Scott.

Scott: Dawn, so I can show her the buffet. Hehehe (takes bite out of steak)

Cody: not Sierra...*shudders*

Staci: I'm okay with anybody. My ancestors are known for being tolerant people.

Noah: I thought they were known for being intolerable people.

Chris: Okay! Who would you NOT want to see here?

Cody: (starts shaking) Sierra! Not Sierra! Please!

Tyler: not Eva.

Noah: Al is already gone. So....can I pick Scott?

Scott: Not Fang. Please no Fang.

Katie: I don't want Harold here

Noah: On second thought. I change mine to Harold.

Gwen: I would like Heather as far away as possible.

Izzy: Mr. Coconut! OH PLEASE NOT HIM! PLLLEEEAASSSEE!!! (is actually crying)

Tyler: (looks at Izzy, awkwardly) I can't imagine what a coconut did to her...

Katie: um....I wont ask.

Chris: Before we wrap up, any last words to the contestants you all bested?

Noah: Zeke....Is there anything anybody could possibly say to improve you?

Tyler: Yeah! Duncan, you're a jerk! Think about that as you sit!!

Katie: Bye bye Sadie! (hugs Staci) I have a new BFFL now!

Scott: Hey AL! Hope you're getting used to that suit again. (laughs)

Staci: So, B, My great great gr.(stops saying great) I took you down. Me!

Izzy: (Is eating the steak) Lightning! You should try this. (dips steak in pool water)

Gwen: Courtney, you need to chill. Please don't kill Duncan. It's not his fault you're a(is cut off by Cody)

Cody: Must stink to lose to a pipsqueak huh Justin?

Chris: Uh...Okay....So that's not a rap.....But yeah. Sorry for the lack of a battle everyone, but hey, these guys need the screentime they deserve. So tune in next time for our next rap battle, here! On, Total...Drama...RAP BATTLES!


Sorry. No Rap Battle today. But the winners have to have their episodes every now and then. So, tell us:

--------->Your opinions on this episode and wether you liked seeing the winners.

--------->Of the winners so far, who would you like to see win, and who would you like to see lose?

--------->Who you would like to see in a rap battle? It can be any of the following people who haven't battled yet.

Girls--->Eva, Beth, Bridgette, Lindsay, Leshawna, Heather, Sierra, Dakota, Dawn, Anne Maria, Jo, Zoey and Blaineley

Boys-->Harold, Trent, DJ, Geoff, Owen, Sam, Brick, Mike' and 'Cameron,

So tell us in the comments below who you would like to see in a rap battle! We do look at comments so we will get ideas from you! How exciting! So.....comment.

(Tyler, Izzy, Katie, and Cody potrayed by Tylerbrickfan / Staci, Scott, Noah, and Gwen potrayed by TotalDramaFan2.0)


You have to give a reason for why one person should win OR why the other should lose. NUFF SAID is not a reason. The reason also can not be because you like them more than the opponent. This isn't a popularity contest. So, remember this new rule. If you don't give a reason then your vote is incomplete and will not be submitted. An Example of what we want:

I vote for 'Heather: I vote for Heather because she made Lindsay cry in the battle. She was tough and Lindsay overall, was weak at battling.

I eliminate 'Lindsay: Lindsay cried midway through the battle and her insults were not as personal as Heather's

It doesn't have to be just like this, you can shorten it. As long as we know what your saying and the reason is from the battle, not how you view the character from the show.

An Example of what we DON'T WANT

I vote for 'Lindsay: OMG I love Lindsay. She is the best! - Tell us really? Did this person deserve to won the rap '''''battle.

I eliminate Heather: She's mean ---The point of the rap battle is to be mean. This isn't a reason.

The point is so that this doesn't become a popularity contest. IF YOU JUST VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE, THEN WRITING THE BATTLE WAS A WASTE OF TIME. So, still enjoy the battles and remember. This is now a requirement when you vote. This will start at the next rap battle. Either give us a reason why one person should win, or why the other should lose. Thank you.

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