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    (zooms in on my face) hey

    What's up!? Here's a fun blog to start up some chitter chatter about fun stuff. What fun stuff? Bullies, manipulators, liars and cheats! :D Yaydoodles.

    Honestly, what makes a good show/movie GREAT. A fantastic villain. All seasons of Total Drama would be nothing without their frustrating antagonists. Who can forget Heather and her powers of manipulation, Courtney's cheating, Alejandro's seduction, Scott's sabotage, Mal's ... *looks at smudged writing on hand* ... Yeah no I got nothing for that one, and Jacques and Josee's bad sportsmanship?

    Villains make the show, so if Total Drama were to have another season who do YOU think would be the best villain if it were to be a returning contestant?

    Here are some of my ideas.…

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    So far, seven contestants on the show have actively quit/successfully voted themselves off the Total Drama game. These people and instances are...

    Gwen in Total Drama Action in the episode The Chefshank Redemption. If she hadn't left, Heather would have been eliminated.

    DJ in Total Drama Action in the episode The Sand Witch Project. If he had stayed, either Justin or Lindsay would have been eliminated.

    Duncan in Total Drama World Tour in the episode Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1.

    Harold in Total Drama World Tour in the episode Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan. Had he stayed in, DJ would have been eliminated.

    Anne Maria in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island in the episode A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste. Dakota would not have rejoined if sh…

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    Total Drama has a lot of victories that go to teams... that really just SHOULDN'T have won. Either for obscure reasons that are even too farfetched for a cartoon, or for sheer godplaying.

    Here is a list of episodes and challenges where I believe the team or individual that won really SHOULDN'T have won. 

    This list does not include unfair eliminations. It's all instances where teams or people received immunity for completely unfair or odd reasons. People throwing challenges do not count.

    I will not be including Ridonculous challenges, since that'd be too hard to make, since there are 18 teams and it's harder to keep track of any inconsistancies. 


    X-Treme Torture - Screaming Gophers Immunity - It was Heather's fault they lost,…

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    Josee Inspiration

    December 20, 2015 by CoGreen2.0

    Oh my gosh, you guys. So Josee's big story arc was that she competes solely for the gold and nothing else.

    Most olympians would be bummed not receiving gold, but would still be satisfied with the honorable silver. But Josee isn't. She HATES silver.

    Now where else have we seen a female olympian in real life publicly displeased with receiving silver?

    Guys... The inspiration behind Josee's character may very well have been an INTERNET MEME.

    That is all.

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    WARNING. This gets heavy.

    We're here to talk about Total Drama's, hands down, most problematic character in existance. You've been bashing Mike. You've been bashing Zoey. I understand your upset over their transgressions, but it's important to be open about our feelings; good or bad. Our feelings towards THIS character are insurmountably bad. But together we can get all of this hatred-filled baggage off of our chests by expressing our shattered sensitivities in this blog.

    One character has clearly thrown the fanbase into utter pandemonium of the most malevolant degree. How this sickening abomination grugdingly slithered into the scripts of this sacred show is beyond any of us. How could the writers do this to us? How was this character deeme…

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