Hi everyone! How are you today? :) I hope well.

So I know some of you people don't like these kinds of blogs, but I do and I really, really, REALLY wanted to see what people would choose to do with the cast I've picked for my story Total Drama Chef

Anyways, I was just curoious and think that this kind of blog set up can lead to some interesting ideas and responses. :)

So, the cast is-

SCREAMING COCONUTS - Noah, Cody, Tyler, B, Mr. Coconut, Eva, Izzy, Dawn, Sierra, Lindsay.

KILLER APPLES - Brick, Lightning, Sam, DJ, Ezekiel, Anne Maria, Jo, Bridgette, Heather.

Hope some of you people like the cast and respond accordingly. I honestly can't wait to see what some of you have to say. I'm so curious it's not even funny. :)

Sorry for this blog being on the short side, I try not to do that. God bless and have a great day rest of your day! :D

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