Hello guys. How are you all doing? :)

So, out of curiosity, which character would you consdier youself to be? Basically, if you were to replace acontestant, who would you best replace? And to make it interesting, you have to pick both a boy and a girl

I honestly identify with Beth the most. She's so quirky and akward, and I am literally the most akward th out of all the girlsing on this planet, you have no idea. Plus, like her, I strive to make friends and be a generally nice person. But like her, it took me a while before I was succesful at such. 

The guy I identify with the most is DJ. I love my mother so much, and I get super concerned about her, to the point where I think I inadvertantly annoy her, like I do to everyone else so its okay. Plus, I'm a worrier like him and i cannot stand horror anything. Plus I'm generally well-liked among people I know, even those who don't really like other people (Unless I'm correct and everyone secretly hates me). 

So who are you? :) Can't wait to see your responses. God bless and good night!

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