Sigh... I really thought a comment would be enough, but people are stilling arguing over a cartoon character. Geez. 

I've decided to post this blog adressing both sides, since I humbly think your all acting immature and hyprocritical. So I, as someone who is nuteral on the character in question, have to say someting. We are all fans of Total Drama, let's get along we have opinions and we will ALWAYS disagree.

Let's start with this characters fans- I have but three words for you. GET OVER IT. You have abolutely no right in this world to tell them to stop. They have right to make jokes about Zoey. Look at them with an open mind and you'll find some of them you be funny. You must also realize that they don't have to change there opinions. You can disagree and have friendly debates but you cannot take everything to the heart like you guys sometimes do. And also, don't say they can't hate characters when you hate some too.

Now its time for the haters, who haven't really been adressed. Only one word come to mind when I see what you do. HYPOCRISY. In so many forms its not even funny. You guys, (and yes this is debatable), fuel the fire A LOT at the start of these wiki wars. When someone asks in a manner that they want answers to why you guys have such an enormous distaste to her you respond very rudely. At the start all you guys ever say is how she sucks or how its so much fun it is to make fun of this character or how she needs to die and more still. And then when they respond rightfully cheezed off, you attack him as how he get's too worked up and has no right to change your opinions when you are reacting in an uncivil manner.

And lastly I'll adress the things that both sides do constantly. You guys say about how you shouldn't get worked up over a cartoon.......... WTH!!!!!?????? Guys! YOU ALL GET WORKED UP!!!!! It's not something to be proud of, but you guys all have a right to be passionate about this show, but you can't start futile arguments. You can't respond so rudely. You can't do the one thing your telling the other no to do! Can't you guys actually listen to each other?! Can't we all have a civil debate without verbal warfare!? CAN'T WE ALL GET ALONG!!!!!!!??????

Phew, that was a mouthful. Sorry, but I had to say this. I can't bear to see friends and people I look up to on this wiki fight over the same thing oncea month. It's stupid and makes many look immature and rude when the lot of you AREN'T those things. You can all be such kind, hilarious people. This wasn't meant to offend anyone (LOOK SMILES!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D ) I hope this blog makes a difference. I'm optimistic that it will. Your all awesome and I don't hat any of you, and I don't want you guys to harbor any grudes toward one another. It's unhealthy.

So my friends, keep on breathing, and don't eat lead. Both are also unhealty ;)

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