Yo everyone! How are you all doing? I hope well. :)

At the end of the Reality TV Pros tenure on the Ridonculous Race, it was implied that there was going to be another season of Total Drama. Season 6.

I do not know about the rest of you, but I'm looking foward to this possibility a whole lot. 

My question to you guys is this: What do you want to see out of it? In all aspects. The cast, the host, the location, the plots, and the ships. What are your expectations?

Personally for me, I'm hoping we see Pahkitew Island as its location. Why? Because Pahkitew is an artiful island that can do whatever they want with. There can be snow challenges, Animal challenges, challenges with all sorts of different terrains. I think it would be very interesting to explore that aspect of this location and use it to its full potential.

I would also like to see Don host. he's new, interesting, likable, hilarious, and it would be awesome to see Chris come back and try to undermine his time as host throughout the season. 

In terms of ships I'm not really sure, to be honest. I am still devestated (not really) that Nizzy will never become canon, so that is out the window. I would love to see Jock or Bawn become canon, and some great develpment for Jashawn. 

In terms of the cast, the fac that Owen and Noah are back is a great sign. That might mean we may see Izzy again, which ould be absolutely fantastic. We need her boom boom again. Eva also needs to come back or I will cry forever. I would love to see Brick, Dawn, and Anne Maria from the second generation and get some development. Shawn, Jasmine, Ella, Max, Scarlett are all characters I would love to see again. Oh, and Leshawna.

So what do you guys want? Leave your thoughts below. Have a great rest of your day and God bless! :D

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