Hey everyone. How are you? :)

I have had this on my dA for some time now. So, here ya go. :D

14th - Beardo, The Human Soundboard

Same way on the show. Beardo clearly doesn't have too mch of a plot and is a perfect first boot.

13th - Sky, The Athlete

In this version, Sugar and Leonard joi in a romance/alliance, and decide that Sky is too normal and athletic and thus a threat. Unfortunately, they cannot convince anyone to vote her off since she's a key player for challenges. To get there way, Leonard uses his powers (aka. what Harold did to COurtney) to get Sky out.

12th - Amy, The Mean Twin

This time, the team actually sympathizes with Sammy and because of this Amy doesn't bother pretending to be sweet and kind. They get quickly fed up with her antics, so they send her away.

11th - Rodney, The Romantic Farmboy Rodney decides that the best way to get around his girl problem is to date all of them at once. After he proposes this, though, his team is rather disgusted and votes him off.

10th - Topher, The Chris Wannabee  He does the same things he did in canon, but only in five episodes because I said so.

9th - Leonard, The LARPer All the scheming Sugar and Leonard have done are revealed in full to the rest of the team. One of them is bound to go home because of this, but the other three pick Leonard, since he's more annoying.

8th - Sugar, The Paegant Queen Sugar is enraged that her wizard is gone and makes that clear throughout the episode. She tries to alter her fate, but fails misrably and is sent away. But not before one last goodbye from Ella of course.

Three Zones and a Baby is a Reward challenge.

7th - Dave

The merge hits, and during the challenge Dave come to a conclusion. Between the disgusting challenges and the disgusting conditions he's decided he's had enoough of Total Drama's crap and quits.

6th - Sammy. Note: Scarlett Fever and Sky Fall are switched in this version. 

Anyways, through becoming more indepent and confident, Sammy starts getting a little more assertive. And by a little I mean a lot. Sammy inadvertantly starts becoming like her sister begins turning off her friends around her. She does realize this before its too late. But it still costs her the million.

5th - Ella When Scarlett gives into her trueself, Chris gives her a whole bunch of things and valubales and requests that must be given so she doesn't kill anybody. One of those things is the oppurtunity to vote off whoever she wants that night. She chooses Ella, the last pure and unadulturated source of happiness, friendliness, and joy. Ella takes this really well, forgives Scarlett, and rides off on one last musical number.

4th - Shawn Shawn's talent was the declared the worst. Simple as that. Left with a kiss from Jasmine.

3rd - Scarlett The finale is a jury vot, and much to her rage, she got absolutely no votes.

2nd - Max Throughout this season, with Ella as his guide, Max grows and develops out of his lust for evil and decides to become a polite person. He may not win the million, but he's a better person leaving the competition.

1st - Jasmine The Survivalist wins it all through hard work and a good, friendly attitude.

And that's it!  Hope you liked.

I own nothing.

God bless you guys! 

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