Howdy guys! Sorry I never got around to replying to the comments on part 3, had tons of school and life things the past couple of weeks, but I'm glad to be back and lets get started! Keep in mind we are heading into the upper tier of TD contestants. I really, really, really, REALLY like these guys. Numbers 9 and 10 are borderline on the 'adore' section. That's all :3

16. Staci - I know what you all must be thinking, what the heck is Staci, the annoying first boot, doing above the likes of Heather, Duncan, and Lightning? Well for one, I think she's hilarious. At first I was like most of the fandom and hated her for being pointless and annoying. But as i read more fanfictions and as I re-watched TDR's first episode again I found myself laughing. Staci's voice actor is really talented and this character's voice is hilarious. Her talks about ancestors may seem annoying, but I encourage you to really listen to them. Staci lies with such an oblivious sincerity, as if she REALLY believes what she spews, it becomes rather adorable. But my main reason for loving her? The fanfictions. Holy crap, Staci is centered around some amazing fics. Go check them out, their absolutely amazing. Overall, Staci is a highly underrated character whose full of potential. I hope she comes back. 

15. B - I rather love B. I always have. B is a very mysterious character, and i really want to know more about him. Why doesn't he talk? Is he good? Is he bad? Would he change if he talked? He's a character that makes you wonder, and I really like that. Not to mention, this guy has come up with some cool inventions, like that flying couch. I, for one, think that's pretty cool. I also ship B/ Dawn hard. It better happen.


14. Beth - Talk about adorkable, this farm girl is awesome! I've always loved Beth. I'm the kind of guy that just normally sides with the underdogs, and Beth is no exception. In TDI, she didn't do much, but she had that epic moment when she told off Heather. It was only a hint of what was to come next season. Right off the bat of TDA, she got her braces taken off and began giving out friendship bracelets to everyone. It was awesome and gave Beth a sweet and kind precense when she was on screen. And that's Beth's main pro, she's so likable and sweet and friendly that you just can't help but want to be her friend. She is a lovable character. Plus she's had so many hilarious moments with her lack of knowledge about real life and acts in such a way that you want to root for her. But she's no maty-sue, she has her flaws, she can be rude and spiteful. but that just adds realism to her character. No one except my heavenly Father can be nice all the time. All in all, Beth is a plesant little character who is a ton of fun to watch.


13. Tyler - In his debut season I had no opinion on him. He had several funny one-liners, but that was it. He had no other real character but hurting himself. But TDWT, oh man, TDWT. Tyler became much more clear as a character. He became something truly special. Let's get a huge reason out of the way, he's hilarious. Not only in the ways he hurts himself, which are extremely amusing, but some of the things he says are so dumb and weird i can't help but adore him. But what really gets me about Tyler is his attitude. Tyler has an adventurous spirit and always wants to do his best. Tyler is character who tries so hard but always fails even harder. And yet, through all the suffering and embarrassment he's gone thought throughout his life, he never, ever gives up. He brushes off his bandages and gets right back up. he doesn't let things like failure deter him from doing what he loves. And that is so awesome and highly respectable. I love Tyler, dwfinitely want to see more of his goofiness.

12. Sierra - Of all the contestants who should be in a mental home, Sierra is probably on the top of the list of candidates. She's an absolute nutcase. She's an obsessive stalker who's downright creepy at times. She needs a chill pill and not be so attracted to Cody. Wait, no she doesn't. Her craziness is exactly why i love her. On a show filled with kids that you'd probably see at your own high school, Sierra feels like a total cartoon character. She's zany and hysterical and never quite gives a crap what you think of her. She's off in her own little world and dang flabblit, no ones gonna have the power to take her out of it. While I would have liked for her to actually have been an obsessive blogger, we still get and amazingly creepy, yet amazingly hilarious cartoon character known as Sierra.


11. Trent - Trent is one cool dude. He's relatable, yet still has a character of his own. He's an every man, but I still want to see more of him cause he's actually entertaining. He's basically Zoey, only male and done correctly. Trent is truly a great character, despite being a little bit bland. He has numerous funny moments, great interactions, and GWENT. I just really enjoy his chill personality, how he's calm in the crazziness, but at any moments notice can join in the fun too. He's a strong, smart player who really deserve another shot. TDA should most certainly NOT be his final season. He deserves much better. I'm definitely on Team Trent, and want this smooth dude to shine once again.


10. Cody - Speaking of relatable characters, to men, Cody is one I can seriously relate to. I know what its like to be in the dreaded friendzone. To try all in your power to be kind to a girl and have her reject you. I can totally feel for Cody. He falls to hard in love with a girl and is crushed when things don't work out. While I'm not a ladies man or as horny as Cody, I do still feel for him. I get it. But aside from me and him relating in experiences, Cody is an all around great character. While he is horny and a ladies man (and jokes surrounding both are funny), he has a sense of respect to him as well. What he said near the end of Haute-Campture is one of my favorite quotes ever. All in all, i got a ton of respect for the Codeeister. he's pretty well-developed, has great interactions and while dorky, he's one cool dude.


9. Dawn - The only reason Dawn isn't in the top eight is because she was only in five episodes. I wanted to be fair, and putting the angelic moonchild higher than a few of those in the final part didn't feel right. but for what Dawn was in those five episodes, she was AWESOME! Like B, she was mysterious. How does she read auras? Does she have a dark side? What would that be like? What is she capable of? How the heck did she make it first, not wet, when the contestants swam to the shore in the first episode? She is a character of many questions. but what makes her even greater is that's her full character. She's deep, she sees things no one else sees, she's just wonderful. You never quite know what Dawn will say or do or if she'll dissapear suddenly when you and her are in the middle of a conversation. Its scenes like those that make her so appealing as a character. is she overrated? Kinda, again, five episodes. But she DID something in those five episodes which more than I can say for people who went all the way *coughLightningcough*. I personally think she deserves her popularity, her fans, and all the incredible art and stories surrounding her. She deserves another run. Make it happen writers! Please.

That's all for now! See ya guys! I don't own the pics btw. :D

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