Hey guys! I'm back with Part 3 of my TD Character Rankings! And this time, we're gettin' positive. Part 3 contains all the characters I like. Then the next part will have the ones I really, really like, and the final part will have the one's I love. But enough jibber jabber, let's get started!

24. Harold- I rather like Harold. He's a very entertaining, very well-developed,  and just a very well-done nerd

character. He's just... so... GOSH! (Had to do that once) But seriously, Harold is just one of those characters that is entertaining and doing something awesome 90% of the time he's on screen. He didn't say or do much in TDI, but he had his epic moments in the talent show and the dodge ball game. He shined the most in the special. I loved his interaction with heather, it was pretty cool. But then TDA, oh man TDA, that was his golden season. He ad another character who will appear later, developed PERFECTLY. His interactions with Duncan and Leshawna were two of the seasons main focuses and I thought they were closed perfectly. He had so many hilarious one-liners and it was great seeing Harold showcase his mad skills. He should have been in the finale. Now, i would be lying if I said TDWT didn't affect his placement here in my rankings for the worst, and yeah, it totally did. Harold would probably be near the top of Part 3 if it wasn't for him becoming so annoying. But really, it didn't kill him for me. Harold is still highly entertaining and almost never disappointing. 23.

Dakota- Dakota is an example of a character who, in her debut season, is developed so well that her character is

finished as a whole. Coming into the season, I didn't have high hopes for her. I mean, who did? But in the end she turned out to be the biggest surprise Revenge had to offer. She started out prissy and fame-obsessed and slowly, through her experiences on the island, became someone who caring and highly likable. She put every single merger to shame (except Cameron) in terms of development. She had less screen-time than any of them, but developed into something great. Dakota had a story line, the writers actually made all the right choices (GASP!), and gave Dakota a likable, memorable story. ... ... ... ... And I know that Dakotazoid is dumb, but... well... you see... er.... I kinda like it. Don't get me wrong, it was a dumb choice to do that and I seriously hope she changes Back. but I think it was not only necessary for this to take place to close her character, as well as Sam's. Plus, she was freaking adorable as a mutant. "Bu-fuh-fuh." DAW! But seriously, I want her human again.

22. Scott- If you told me that, in TDAS, I would grow to actually like Scott, I probably would have given you a number for

a psychiatrist. I used to utterly LOATHE this ginger redneck. He was annoying and a failure of an antagonist. I hated his guts... until TDAS happened. All-Stars may have been crap, but their was a shining piece of Gold within that crap, and that was turning Scott into a likable character. Something I thought could never be done. He was funny, sympathetic, and when he did do something bad, it wasn't something idiotic like, say, throwing his own teams challenge. He actually became decent. I love Scotteney, the execution may have been absolutely horrible, but I like the IDEA of the couple. It brings out a sweet side of Scott we don't normally see. What else can i say? TDAS did nothing right, except developing Scott.

21. Chef Hatchet- Its a darn shame that this guy hasn't been used at all in recent years. It truly is, sine this guy is

AWESOME. Chef has such a passion to torturing the contestants, and has so much fun with it that its hard not to have fun with him. And what's great as you get the feeling that Chef actually kinda cares for everyone's well-being, and wouldn't attempt to kill them. So its nice to see he has some heart. My only complaint is his cross-dressing, which is awful, but everything else is great. He has hilarious antics and fantastic interactions. They need to use him more (or just let him host) because Chef always entertains me.

20. Geoff- I think Geoff is one cool dude. He was totally chill on the island and was a kind, strong competitor. He always

seemed to be able to not get involved with heavy drama and was always looking on the bright side, I seriously respect a character like that. He had some great development in the aftermaths, nearly giving in to a side of himself that was the exact opposite of what he truly was. It was a great storyline that had a great payoff. It was refreshing to see Total Drama teach a good, moral lesson ad have the jerk realize his wrongdoing and reform. In World Tour it was fun watching him host, especially since he wasn't a jerk doing while hosting, he was just such a happy guy and got really into what he was doing and enjoyed every minute of it. And like I said with Chef, its hard not to enjoy a characters joy when their just so happy. And Geoff is great he's a hip, happenin' kind of guy who just goes to show you that being cool and popular doesn't turn you into a jerk.

19. Leshawna- This loud and proud sister is the kind of girl who takes crap from no one... and that's AWESOME.

Throughout the course of her time on Total Drama she's just been simply wonderful. She's always ready to give a butt-kicking to the bad guys and is always straight up. (*coughChristlover357youidiotdon'tyourememberthespaincidentcough*) Her interactions are really great too. I love watching her with her rivals and friends alike. Something funny or heartfelt always wounds up happening. Plus, Leshawna is just a really fun character on her own.  enjoy seeing what she has to offer. live on GUUUUUUURL!

18. Ezekiel- Sigh... poor Zeke. In Total Drama Island, he was so innocent and oblivious. He had no idea what to do

around normal kids and just did his own thing. I think he could have had an awesome story. He was just screaming to develop. but sadly, he said sexist remarks based off what he had learned from his parents and was booted off first. But then at Playa De Losers he gained a sorta rap-wannabe persona. It was so hilarious and it was great to watch Ezekiel try and fail to be cool and be what he thought was normal. Then it seemed like they would continue that in World Tour, after all then fans sent e-mails, requesting his development, surely the writers would please the reason they get their paychecks, right? LOL, nope. They have him voted out first again and keep him on the plane where he degrades into  a feral monster who keeps on coming back again and again and again despite no TD fan ever liking the lame running gag in the first place! Sigh... poor, poor Zeke. i keep him this high for two reasons. One, being that before his transformation he was funny and a good character who was full of potential. And two being that I'm not gonna allow the writers to ruin Ezekiel for me. That's clearly what they wanted to happen. They went out of there way to completely destroy a character. Well, HA! I'm not gonna give them the pleasure of knowing they ruined a character I like. So take that, you incompetent writers! You can't ignore the entire fanbase forever!

17. Anne Maria- Look, its another GUUUUURL. I really like Anne Maria. When i heard that her stereotype was the

Jersey Shore reject and was based off of Snooki, I had zero expectations and was dreading her time on the show. but I was pleasantly surprised. Not only is she hilarious, having numerous one-liners, but can be highly competent in helping with challenges when motivated enough. Is she one-note? Yes. Was her thing with Vito stupid? Absolutely. But she's just so funny. And honestly, I think she secretly had a big heart. Some of the comments she made really make me want her development. So I think she's nice too, just have to dig deep into her hairspray to find it. That's all for now! Hope you enjoyed! :D

DISCLAIMER: I didn't make these pics, although i'm not sure who did but all credit to them!

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