Hello peoples! I'm back! This second part of the countdown will contain the characters I am neutral on. :) Enjoy!

32. Courtney- Girl, why must you be so hard to like?! Honestly, it really is a struggle liking this character. It seems shw changes from Sweet, charming, albeit a little bossy but still cool, to being an annoying, hypocritical jerk. On the island I hated her. She was obnoxious, rude, overbearing, and an absolute hypocrite. I was delighted to see her go home. In TDA she was..... well, TDA Courtney. She had her funny moments, but overall she was way too spiteful and whiny. But in World Tour brought a change, Courtney actually became likable! She had her sweet moments and became friends with Gwen, it was awesome! She was developing. But then, the writers in their infinite wisdom set a course of events that screwed her over. This happened again in the infamous Sundae Muddy Sunday, she was doing great all season until this piece of crap aired. I hope Courtney will return to the right path some day and STAY likable.

31. Owen- For a character who never developed and stayed exactly the same from the time he started to his latest appearance, I have a lot to say about him. In TDI he was great. He was funny, charming, likable, and all around awesome! He was definitely one of my picks to win. I liked him well in TDA too. I liked that his relationship with Izzy developed and the big guy had several good gags and was just fun. I think his return was totally pointless and definitely wasn't well executed, but at the same time it was funny to watch Owen be all strategic. Or at least try to be. But TDWY was what killed him for me. For one, he had gotten an exceptional amount of screentime in the past two seasons, making it to the final three in both seasons. But the producers love their favorites so we got to see him merge and hog the screen all season long. And sadly, unlike previous season, he wasn't at all fun to watch. His humor consisted of farting and eating or some disgusting combo of the two. It was never funny or entertaining, rather gross and abhorring. He derailed a bit too, he became a lot less innocent and more raunchy and jerkish. Owen lost the opportunity to return to a high ranking when he introduced the concept of the babe Olympics in The Ex- Files. Sad such an entertaining character became so unlikable. I'll just have to appreciate his run in the first two seasons.

30/29. Sadie and Katie- Katie's one spot above Sadie because Sadie had the chance to develop but instead literally said nothing during the course of her time alone. No it isn't because of her weight, k? Now that I put that out of the way, lets actually talk about the wonder twins. These two are always squealing and eeing and never developing apart from each other, yet I find them underrated. Their humor, while mostly one-note, is genuinely funny. They get good lines and they were the highlight of The Sucky Outdoors. But, like everyone else, my main problem is that they never developed, made any new friends, OR DID ANYTHING. And the frustrating part is that they are just sitting their waiting for development. They could be exceptionally awesome. But alas, the writers suck at their job, so we probably won't ever see them develop. At least I have fanfiction. *Reads FanFiction*

28. Jo- Here's a character who's traits I like and hate even out perfectly, truly neutral to me. Let's do with what I like first. For one, she's hilarious in her anger, which leads to many funny lines and moments. Jo also was amazing in All-Stars, having great lines and good development. And she is overall entertaining. My problems with Jo are three fold. 1) She's highly overrated, and has no likable traits. 2) She's pretty much a copy of Eva, except more strategic. And it bugs me thaat Jo is more popular, 3) She hasn't had any MAJOR development. And her character is just asking for it!

27. Mike- I love Mike except for two Major, MAJOR, MAJOR things. One, Mal. I hate Mal! He was built up to be awesome but was executed so poorly that all the script writers for TDAS need to go back to script writing school. An two, let's face it. Mike is offensive. MPD is a very serious thing and really should be taken seriously, that's something this show failed to do. They've made him unhealthily dependent on his girlfriend and it was a real slap in the face to anyone whose ever any problem ever that Mike could solve his disorder with a push of a button. Calling that disgustingly offensive doesn't even begin to properly describe how this MPD representation is. Besides these things Mike is decent, I like his shy, nervous personality and his other four personalities were a ton of fun. But TDAS brought a major anchor on this character, and sunk him down to the neutral section.

26. Gwen- Gwen is a great character. At least she was back on the island before the writers only used her character for boy drama. Seriously, it really annoys me that Gwen can never seem to have a plotline dealing with her as a character, but it always has to involve boys. WTH!? TDI may have had her had a plot with Trent, but she had other interactions! Other plots! She actually was, you know, Goth! Now it sadly seems Gwen is only in the show for romance, and that's a darn shame. It truly is. Because Gwen has had epic moments, her interaction are fantastic, and she is a nice, snarky girl. But the fact she's always in the romance drama and in nothing else nowadays really weighs her down.

25. Sam- This guy was absolutely awesome in TDROTI. He had awesome lines, awesome moments, a great relationship, and great development. He proved he's a genuine sweetheart by staying with her and making out with her after mutation, and proved to be reliable in the climax of Runaway Model. Honestly, he was perfectly developed and was finished as a character in his debut season. But *sigh* in TDAS he was brought back. He isn't an all-star, period, end of discussion. Its just a universal fact. Now it would be fine of they gave him a plot or something, but no. Instead he was the seasons butt monkey for four episodes before being eliminated, placing worse than he did in season four. His short time this season added an overall lameness to his character that isn't easy to forget. Sam is a true victim of bad writing. Fricken TDAS... Hope you enjoyed. The next part is where my positivity for characters begins to grow. ;)

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