Hello fellow wikians! I'm back with another countdown, this time, with the TD characters. Now, keep in mind, this is my opinion. Also know that I love a majority of the cast. I just despise these eight. Let's waste no more time-


40. Duncan- Blergh. I despise this guy. He stands for everything I don’t. He’s loud-mouthed, obnoxious, totally rude, and has no business being a fan favorite. Say all you want about how he causes drama and crap, but that doesn’t excuse how unpleasant this guy is to watch. He never apologizes and seems happy to just be a horrible person all day, every day. Heck, he didn’t like that he had a nice side deep down in him. What a horrible, screen hogging waste of animation celluloid. I am very grateful he wasn’t thrown in jail, he deserves it. Duncan will always be at the bottom of my rankings. Not just TD wise, he’s my least favorite character, period. Oh, and he’s mean to dear and trees.

39. Chris - Once upon a time I actually liked this cartoons’ host. In TDI Chris was very charming kind of guy. He was sadistic, but did have a certain kindness to him that any viewer would know that he wouldn’t allow any campers to die. Plus he had some very funny lines and moments. He only got better in TDA when he not only kept his season 1 persona, but had that wonderful bromance with Chef…. But something happened in between seasons two and three. Something must have. I mean, Chris just became absolutely horrible in Season three. It all started when he sat on an intern and didn’t bat an eye when he was eaten down to the bone AS HE WAS LAYING ON HIM. Yeah, there’s sadistic, and then there’s acting in such a way that the only words to properly describe it are words I cannot use. He only got worse throughout the season, controlling the eliminations in an EXTREMELY annoying manner, playing favorites, letting a contestant turn into a monster, and being overly sadistic to the point of disgust. By the time season three had ended, it had been clear to every TD fan that Chris lost any form of emotion and regret, and clearly did not care how much trouble he would get into if he, say, killed a contestant. He only degraded more in Season 4, almost killing the cast multiple time, letting a contestant be mauled and also letting ANOTHER Person to be turned into a monster. The point of no return for this host with the least is when in The Enchanted Franken Forest, he watched as an intern fell into a radioactive pit, become disturbingly mutated, and then laughed, wishing the victim to enjoy his new job at the circus. There is NOTHING these writers can do to make me like him again. Chris needs to go away. Potenza is a great guy and is quite talented, but his character that he voices is horrible, stale, and needs to die. Actually give Chef a role for the first time in years and let him host!

38. Lightning - My friend CoGreen20 has made an amazing fanfic, and has developed Lightning fantastically. Sadly he is not a writer for the actual show and instead we get the bland, one-note annoyance that is Captain Bland. Seriously, the only thing Lightning has going for him is comedy, which isn’t funny in the slightest, and that’s about it. He’s not original or likable and has no good interactions. Some used to be good, but Lightning ruined them through his stupidity. And not the good kind of stupid, the kind where he didn’t learn from any of his mistakes or sins, and rather kept his cocky head held high and refused to think of himself as flawed. There is no charm in the way he acts, rather his behavior annoys me to the core. And the worst part is that he makes it to the final two of his debut season and gained no development whatsoever. What a waste of space. Thank God he was eliminated second in TDAS. I couldn’t deal much more of him and his Sha-ness.

37. Heather - You read right. I absolutely loathe the overrated, unoriginal, screen hogging queen bee that is Heather. In TDI, she was great. She had that great charm a villain should have and was a ton of fun. In TDA she was even better. Not only did she have a hilarious running gag with her trying to get hair, but also began to develop and make friends with enemies, like Leshawna. But then came TDWT… and that’s when Heather went downhill. I am boggled by the fact that everyone seems to think she had such great development during this season. I just don’t see it. And the reason why can be found in one word: strategy. She was freaking obsessed with it the entire third season. Most everything she did, she did for strategy. Things like trying to warn Leshawna weren’t out of the kindness of her heart, it was because she wanted Al out of the way since he was a major threat. Every deed she did had a selfish reason behind it. And when it came down to it, the money was more important then people. She only got worse in TDAS when she became INCREDIBLY stale. She didn’t do anything new or interesting and just did the same old thing she usually does. Which is strategy and hating Alejandro. It wasn’t cute, funny, or entertaining for this fan. It rather bored me and gave me a source of annoyance. Heather stinks. Now if you excuse me, I’m going to hide from all the angry fans of this character. Please no bazookas.  :  )

36. Justin - Hoo boy. Justin is a really irritating character. And I mean EVERY SINGLE THING is real irritating. His whiny wuss of a personality? Hate it. His voice that was fine at first, but the more I heard it made me want to cut off my ears? Hate it. Interactions? Hate them. The fact that his villain story was completely forgotten? Hate that too. His face? HECK YES I hate it. I have absolutely no idea why he’s considered hot. Heck, my fingernails and Jo’s grey sweatpants are more attractive than his facial features. Justin has never found himself high on my rankings, and that doesn’t look to change anytime soon.

35. Zoey -  : (  I’m so sorry. I have several dear friends who are HUGE fans of Zoey, and honestly, I really wanted to like her. But I just can’t anymore. This red head is just horrible. I personally thought she was fine in Revenge, albeit bland and a satellite character, but I thought she was sweet and had good lines and moments. She was decent. But then comes the destroyer of character, Total Drama All-Stars. Zoey’s first line this season is Mike. That is a terrible omen of what was to come. And trust me when I say it all went downhill from there. Zoey began to become REALLY dumb, REALLY bland, REALLY Mike-dependent, and REALLY REALLY REALLY annoying. Honestly, I kinda thought her haters were overreacting in season four. I could totally see where they were coming from, but I thought that she wasn’t as horrible as everyone said. But season five brought out the Zoey of our nightmares. The Zoey I had seen panned in reviews and memes came to life and it was becoming terrifyingly true. She was just an idiot. Not realizing what was wrong with Mike and somehow never, ever doing something that does not revolve around her boyfriend and nearly killed herself when he didn’t pay attention to her. Zoey was brutally destroyed and completely ruined. Oh, and she’s a god playing thief of the indie chick personality. Sorry Zoey fans. I tried to like her, but I just can’t.

34. Alejandro - Alejandro was a character I liked fine when he debuted. But, yet, he was a total gary-stu and a complete rip-off of Justin. He was clearly a better and more well done version of what the writers originally wanted in Justin, but a little too well done. While I did kind of like him, I got annoyed with his seemingly endless knowledge on humans and human emotions and always pulling random abilities out of his butt and being a total stu. Sadly, he got worse in All Stars. His character in this season became incredibly flat and stale. He was mainly a strategist this season… and that’s it. He wasn’t interesting to watch, like, at all. Same thing with his relations with heather. Like I said, it was the same thing every time and it never changed or developed until the finale, just barely saving it from going into the oppose section. In conclusion, his new voice acor really bothere me too, it took the menace out of his voice and sounded a bit too high. It seriously took any form of me taking this character seriously and just threw it out the window. Thank heavens it seem his arc is over, and I won’t ever have to see him again.

33. Blainley - Raise your hand way up high if you agree that this woman was absolutely pointless in TDWT. Blainley is a character that can be very likable at times. Heck, she was hilarious in Revenge of the Telethon and Niagara Brawls. But in the rest of her appearances, she was incredibly annoying. She was always whining, always rude, always spiteful, and to me that wasn’t funny. I also found irritating how obsessed with teen bop drama she was. It seemed every five minutes she was trying to start drama and cause someone to be ticked off at another.  And again, that wasn’t funny. Like Justin, I know she is kinda popular here on the wiki, but I can’t like a character that kidnaps a teen girl, shoves her in a plane halfway, and then ships her to freezing Siberia. Pointless and just dumb, I would be quite happy if she never existed.

Hope you enjoyed! Look out for part 2! :D

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