Hey there guys! Its Christlover357 back with his updated character rankings. And that's enough for introductions, let's begin!

52. Duncan, The Irritating Delinquent

Some things never change. When ranking all of this shows competitors, Duncan retains the spot he has always had in my mind. Dead last. This guy is the opposite of everything I represent. He's rude, selfish, mean-spirited, and a total bully. And in all the screen-time that this dirtbag has hogged he has not realized that his actions are wrong and dangerous to his future and his peers. He loves every second of being disgustingly misbehaved and reckless. Think of all the trouble he's caused, all the people he's hurt, all the stupid crap he has pulled. Is he sorry? Nope, unless you kick him in the kiwis, he's not really going to care. I know for many the fact he's so careless is the appeal, but for me its the very reason I hate him. Also, he's not funny, he's annoying. 

51. Mike, The Offensive Menace

To think this moron used to be my favorite character. What on earth was i thinking. What did I see in this horribly bland, offensive, and dependent waste of animation celluloid? I am bewildered that he still has fans. Out of everyone in the whole cast, Mike has suffered the worst from horrible, horrible writing. His disorder is the only reason he exists, and its treated like some kind of joke. Its portrayed inaccurately and was solved by a freaking button, an event that was an insult to everyone with a serious problem ever. His """""""evil"""""" personality Mal did nothing except giggle in the confessional, break toys, and hog camera time. And his normal personality is terrible to. He is unhealthily dependent on Zoey and has few interactions with anyone outside of her. his confessionals in his debut season were all horribly annoying, since all he would blab about was Zoey. Mike united the fandom in hatred of him, and with any luck he will never return.

50. Amy, The Evil Twin

Amy has nothing but her disgusting meaness to her sister. She has no goal in the game, no real interactions, no depth, nothing. She's just mean to her sister and says horrible things that aren't funny. it bewilders me how popular she is. I mean at least other mean characters caused and did stuff, Amy did not. She was their to be a horrible, annoying person and if she doesn't return and develop she is going to stay right here.

49. Zoey, The Bland Girl

Zoey is really bland and boring... and yeah that's pretty much it. She has no personality and doesn't have relevance in the show. Which wouldn't be that bad if she didn't hog so much screentime. But she actually takes up quite a bit and uses it by doing nothing. Zoey's not as angering as the former three, but in terms of quality she is a poorly done character all around. Oh, and her obliviousness and godplaying was very annoying in TDAS.

48. Heather, The Screenhogging Queen.

I know I'm gonna gain a ton of friends with this choice. The only reason Heather isn't lower is because I adored her in the first two seasons, where she was in my top ten for sure. But as time passed, the Asian fell out of my favor for a number of reasons. For one, the girl has a ridiculous amount of screentime. Now, please don't tell me about how she causes drama or is a main character or something. because in a show like Total Drama cannot get away with that when there's fifty-one other people who are just as capable as she. In my opinion, she is highly overused, and needs a very long break off the show. My second problem with her is that she isn't that entertaining or interesting anymore. Look at her in All-Stars where she did little else but strategize poorly and flirt with Al. Speaking of which, while I'm speaking my unpopular opinion on Heather, let me give my unpopular views on Aleheather. Its very stale and their sexual tension isn't as good anymore because they don't do any different. That's what was so good about them in the finale of the fifth season. if that episode has anything, its that they gave the villainous couple fresh material. And finally, let's talk about her World Tour performance. Your ll gonna kill me, but I don't think she developed, she derailed. *dodges things thrown at me* Let me explain myself. In Action she was developing because she realized she needed to lay low. And in that she was more helpful, a tiny bit less mean, and even befriended Leshawna. In World Tour she's back to her season one self and just strategizes the whole time. Those "nice things" like warning Leshawna I fail to see as things coming from the good of her heart but rather her strategizing. Everyone forgets how mean and rude she was, how she tried to manipulate Sierra, how little she really changed. I am probably just missing something, but I haven't found what was so likable about her that season. Heather is a character that could be in my top five, but failed. 

47. Justin, The Wussy Hot Guy

I don't have much to say about Justin. He just bugs the crap out of me. I can't stand his voice or his pathetic nature. He's not like Cameron or Tyler in the his pathethicness is just who they are, he's a wussy by choice because he's a vain failure of a villain. Speaking of which, the only two things he did lacked logic, so I don't even give him that. See ya never Justin, and you're not hot.

46. Blainley, The Pointless Woman

When you rob great characters like Noah and Beth out of a chance out of a million dollars, you've fallen out of good graces with mwa. Blainley is an unfunny, pointless character who had no business being a contestant. She barely had business existing in the first place. She's a character who left no impact as a competitor and was a total waste. While she At least had a purpose, she wasn't much better in the aftermaths. She was annoyed me and her obsession with teenage drama is rather odd. Blainley's just a bad character, don't see her returning.

45. Alejandro, The Boring Villain

I have no idea why, but Alejandro i that one character who  just bores the living heck out of me. I never really cared for him in WOrld Tour, as he was merely  villain-stu and a complete rip-off of Justin, only better. Too better. Then he was just kind've there in his All-Stars appearence, and was just a strategist with no real relavance to anything after his girl left. Also, his new voice actor makes Al sound like he's going through puberty. 

44. Courtney, The Whiny CIT

Never really liked her to be quite honest. Found her annoying, spoiled, and hyprocritical from the very start. To make matters worse, she's really inconsistent in everything she does. I'm sick of her constant 180's. Nothing much else to say.

43. Lightning, The Egotistical Jock

I'm very surprised this loser grew on me. While I don't hate him like I used to, this guy still has a number of problems. He is completely one-note, first of all. And unfortunately for me, I did not find him funny in Revenge of the Island at all. Instead, he grated me like no other character has. He constantly spewed words out of his mouth that weren't funny and didn't further anything. If you want a 'comedic' character fine, but make the comedic character, you know, funny. And give him relevance. Develop him. People like Izzy and Noah are hilarious but don't need development because they have different forms of comedy. Lightning's is just that he's an idiot, and never, ever learns from his millions of mistakes, like he wants too. But this doesn't even compares to the way he angered me after episode 11. When he took that antagonistic role because he's a crybaby was really stupid and annoying. The fact this moronic irritant won in America made my blood boil. Cam developed and had actual conversations, he did not. Now, with all my problems, your wondering why I am neutral towards him. Well, he did make me laugh a lot in Evil Dread. He was seriously hysterical and finally shined. The other reason is because I see a huge amount of potential in Lightning i had never seen before thanks to CoGreen's fanfiction, Total Drama Do-Over, which you should all check out. if what happened to Lightning there happened on the show he would have a guaranteed spot in the top five.

42. Owen, The Biggest Guy

Owen lost a lot of my respect in World Tour with his whole Babe-olympics comment. That was disgusting. Anyways, Owen is your stereoptypical fat guy who at best, can be quite entertainng, and at worst a farting machine of horribleness. Owen has some great interactions to help his character, but this guys main problem is that he's just a gross out joke who doesn't develop, but goes far and takes up screentime. I don't think Owen should come back, but he totally is. Hopefully it will benefit his character by developing him and toning down the toilet humor several trillion notches. Otherwise, Owen's gonna head into the oppose section.

41. Sadie, The Wasted Potential

Sadie is only below Katie because she had the oppurtunity to develop and literally didn't say a word throughout the vast majority of her time. Luckily, I don't think this duo is that annoying and can be pretty funny at times. As for her own character their isn't too much, but Sadie is pretty adorable. I hope she returns, even if its for fodder.

40. Katie, The  Other Wasted Potential

Pretty much everything I said about her BFFFL could be put here, only Katie hasn't wasted time so I put her above. Plus she looked awesome during the dodgeball challenge and could make a great villain one day.

39. Scott, The Devious Farmer

Scott's character is one that's just all over the place. One season he's an evil villain who is overly ruthless and the next he's an idiot farmer who's kind of akward. Yeah, those aren't any different from each other. To make matters worse, there's no transition, he literally changes magically. Plus Scott isn't amazing in either of his roles. He's just okay in both. And because of that he lands a spot here.

38. Beardo, The Perfect Fodder

Beardo is a character who fantasticly performed his role. His noises gag was pretty cool, the best one being his Pac-Man one. And his last line as he flew away gave him more depth than Mike and Zoey combined. But I don't really see any potential in Beardo. He's just a fun first boot and unlike, say, Zeke or Staci, I don't see him growing and don't even really care if he comes back. Which is sad.

37. Rodney, The Romantic Farmer

You know when your looking foward to something, you get it, and it wasn't as good as you were thinking? That's Rodney for me in a nutshell. Don't get me wrong, i still like Rodney, his voice actor was great and his sthick was funny. But at the same time it was a tiired sthick and while I was suprised by the guys early boot, I was quite relieved since he could have gotten very annoying.

36. Topher, The Chris Fanboy

I did not jump on the Topher loving bandwagon before the season aired. So he didn't really disappoint me since i wasn't expecting much. I thought for what he was, he was decent. I really did like seeing him try to take the hosting position, as well as his interactions with Jasmine. That was all fine and good. What was not fine and good was the fact that his plot line dragged on way too long, all the while Topher not really do anything. The one question we all had about him during the season was why was he still here. Don't see him ever returning, and that is not bad thing.

35. Sugar, The Pageant Queen

On one hand, we have an unlikable moron whose humor is dumb toilet jokes. On the other hand we have an absolutely hilarious character who pulls off gross humor fantastically, has great lines and interactions, and a surprisingly great strategist. Overall, I have mixed feelings about Sugar, but I'm gonna lean towards positive. Heck, i would love if she returned and received depth. Only Sugar is winning this here pageant!

34. Sam, The Sweet Gamer

I wish Sam hadn't been in All Stars. Not only was he pointless, not only did he not belong at all, not only did he waste time by being a fodder butt monkey, but he would be twenty spots higher at least if he had not come back or that blasted season. We shan't forget how surprisingly funny he was in Revenge. He even got development and turned out to be one of the sweetest people on the show by accepting Dakota for who she was, even as a monster. I really like Sam, but I sadly cannot place him any higher in good concience.

33. Gwen, The Goth Girl

Like Sam, I want to put Gwen higher, but really can't. i would love it if Gwen would stop being pregnant and earn a little consistency.Because she's awesome when she's her normal self. She's independent, sarcastic, a loner, and yet she can be really sweet to those that are pathetic or those she befriends. I miss the old Gwen dearly, because like Sam she would be a lot higher if she wasn't so prone to changing moods every five seconds. And as much as I would like her to stop focusing on boys, she partakes in some great ships like Gweoff and Gwent.

32. Leonard, The Delusional LARPER

Well I certainly have some controversial rankings. I know a lot of you hated Leonard for being annoying, but I thought he was downright hilarious. While I hated his voice at first i was able to gt used to it and enjoy the character for who he was . I think Leonard is a great example of going overboard with the parody, but still keeping him entertaining. One of the many characters from Pahkitew that I want back. i think this guy could have a nice story.

31. Sky, The Normal Athlete

While Sky isn't terribly interesting, i think she's a good character. She's pretty much Zoey done correctly, but why? Well for one, she has flaws and is very focused on the game. And her flaws are really creative, like the burping thing. I also really like the fact she wants to be focused on playing the game, but always had distractions. it was fun to see her react to that. Also, i must say that she works as a normal person. In a season like the last, with so many crazy and defined people. Sky really works as a straight guy... er, gal.

30. Jo, The Ruthless Jockette   

If Total Drama All Stars has anything, its that they improved Jo a lot, in my opinion. Before the fifth season, I felt she was just a calmer, more strategic Eva who was shoehorned out of development. But All Stars really gave her a defined personality. So now I can definitely say I like Jo and her sweatpants. Also, Jo has had some of the best conflicts the show has ever seen.

29. Ezekiel, The Derailed Outcast

I pity Zeke. A lot. What on earth has he done to receive the treatment he gets? Annoy others mildly? What absolute bull. Its sad because when Ezekiel isn't feral he's awesome. I like that he tries to be all cool and hip and that he's so clueless. He's an innocently misguided kid who just didn't want to let go of his dream And is that really a crime? No, of course not. I demand he be brought back and turned human. I still can't believe the creative team is saying his DNA is to screwed up so they can't. There's a walking shark with fingers and mental disorders were solved with button pressing. I think we'll live if Zeke returns to normal.

28. Sammy, The Nice Twin

Samey was nice in her short time on the show. I like that she grew and became a better character, though it was cut off far too early and the beginning of her whole taking Amy's place didn't make a lick of sense. But since everything else about that plot made sense its forgivable. I also loved her friendship with Jasmine, it felt very real. Overall, Samey's a sympathethic character you would want to root for and is defenitely a front runner to come back.

27. Staci, The Compulsive Liar

I find Staci hilarious. Her lies are so outrageous and creative and spewed by such an amazing voice that I cannot help but laugh. Not to mention, she has an original personality and has tons of potential. Staci for president in 2016.

26. Geoff, The Party Guy

Geoff is awesome. He's had trials and temptations throughout his time on Total Drama and yet has still retained his personality he had back in the first season. I also really like Geoff's chill nture and how he isn't irresponsible, but he always tries to calm things down and look on the bright side when times are tough and dark. He's had some great moments, is a wonderful boyfriend, and is a great aftermath host. Party on Geoff.

25. Harold, The Skilled Dweeb

Harold's awesome, no doubt. As a matter of fact he's probably one of the most well-rounded TV nerds I've ever seen. He's had a lot of great development as a character, especially in Total Drama Action where he really shined. I love all of his mad skills and mentions of steve's camps, they are always pretty hilarious. Also, Harold has some great interactions with people like Heather, Duncan, and Leshawna. The writers really mastered the craft of the nerd when it came to Harold.

24. Anne Maria, The Tasteful Joke

Anne Maria may be one-note, just like Lightning, but unlike him this gurl is absoluely hilarious. The way she talks and behaves is just really well-written and funny. I honestly do not see myself getting tired of Anne Maria. If she comes back and doesn't havea story, which she totally can have, and is just comic relief I would be quite alright with that. Anne Maria also has a sweetness to her, she can be mean and rude, but she's not obnoxious about it. And that's awesome. 

23. Dave, The Unpopular Spaz

I better explain myself since I've put someone like Dave, who's wildely despised, so high on my list. Well, honestly... I think... Dave... is, uh.... very well-written and deserves my sympathy. You see, I feel that Dave is what Mike should have been in that he clearly has a problem, whatever it may be, and its potrayed straight and realistically. We are able to feel Dave's suffering and pain and I thinks his freak outs over Sky were in character and were well done. Even aside from his freak outs, Dave has had a lot of good moments with his germaphobia and interactions. Personally, I stand with the guy and would love for him to have a second chance. He needs some serious redemption.

22. Cameron, The Bubble Boy

That's right, I hate Heather and like Cam... please don't hurt me. Anyways, I think Cameron is a great character. He developed wonderfully in his first season and changed from who he was in the first episode, which is something you sadly don't see in Total Drama that often. He had great dialouge in Revnge, my favorite being his line about adrenilin in Finders Creepers, and was really the only merger who deserved a million dollars. He was a cute character who had a great plot. However, I cannot deny his derailment in All-Stars. he used to be in my top ten but dropped down to here due to his pointlessness and plain, old-fanishoned horrible performance in the "hundreth" episode. But its forgivable enough. And I will countinue to keep on supporting Cameron. And he's not ugly, he's adorable.

21. B, The Silent Inventor

B is simply cool. Even without all the mystery around him, B is just an awesome inventor who makes even more awesome inventions. He's chill and i think he can be really interesting. I mean, does everyone ignore his biggest flaw? You know, how he can't talk. Am I the only one who wants to know why that is? Oh, and I ship Bawn hard.

20. Dawn, The Weird Moonchild

Dawn is overrated, yes, but I still like her quite a bit. She's creepy to the extreme and i would love to see that explored. She didn't have to many, but she had a number of really great and memorable lines and moments. Plus Dawn is just a unique and original character with the most adorable voice, I simply cannot help putting her this high. Oh, and I ship Bawn hard. 

19. Leshawna, The Sassy Sista

Leshawna is flippng awesome. For one, I love her personality. It's absolutely perfect for this kind of show, and for the most part is written nicely and hilariously. Her upfront and straight nature is really great too, its awesome to see her beatdown villains and be a sweet mama bear. I also liked it when that whole trait was played on in TDA when she lied. That was some nice development. And like many others on this list she has fantastic interactions. Arguably the best of any contestant. I'm just going to ignore her time in World Tour, cause Leshawna is awesome.

18. Scarlett, The Evil Nerd

Scarlett was one of the biggest suprises of our sixth season. We all thought she was going to be a bad Beth 2.0, and early out. But the girl suprised us all by being an evil psycopath. I think the whole explosion of her anger in episode 10 was built up wonderfully, with Scarlett giving us hints of her disturbing and sinister true nature throughout the season. And her interactions with Max are absolute gold and one of the higlights of the entire series. Plus, Scarlett had one of the best lines ever.

"My brother pulled my hair once, so I made all his robot toys come to life and attack him in the night. Every night. For six years. He's still in therapy."

17. Beth, The Winning Wanabee

Talk about adorkable. I have always loved Beth and she needs more love period. She had a great story where she actually did things and worked hard to blossom. She's such a sweetheart, yet won't put up with crap in her own Beth way. Like i said, adorkable. The burnett has a nice friendship with Lindsay, which is Katie and Sadie done really well. She needs just one season to be completed as a character, and i hope the writers don't just give up since they have come so far with the farm girl. Beth is the true winner of TDA.

16. Sierra, The Insane Fan

Sierra is absolutely hilarious. Everytime she's on screen I cannot help but laugh. She's an original caracter who fits perfect for the show. I do want her to get some development next time she appears, rather than just blind, didsturbing insanity. But what for what SIerra is now, she's great. Andher voice actor is the best on the show, by far.

15. Trent, The Cool Dude

Trent is a very likable character. For a character that seems very basic, i find him quite interesting and entertaining. He is a smooth, cool guy who is prone to going a little crazy. He did this even back on his golden island days, which is fine. As a matter of fact, its better that fine, its great and gives Trent character. Now, his time in Action could be considered derailment, and I kind of do, but it did make him more interesting, sympathetic, and spwaned the amazing pyscho, 9-loving Trent stories on I would love for Trent to return and be redeemed, like so many others on this list.

14. Cody, The Flirtatious Geek

A suprisingly controversial character, I've taken on a liking of Cody. I feel a lot of people don't give him enough credit, and the reasons I thinks he's great are found in the reasons people think otherwise. People seem to think he's a perverted sleezeball who abuses Sierra. I have to disagree. Cody is a fine young man who knows when to let go. I believe he didn't do so in World Tour because it was Duncan. And, well, Duncan's no Trent in Cody's mind. Plus, the techie is human, its perfectly natural for him to deal with jealousy over failing a second time while being stalked heavily. Speaking of which, Cody treated Sierra fine. While i love Sierra, she was overbearing and obnoxious. Fun for us, not so fun for Cody. And while he wanted her gone, it was evident he didn't want her hurt or upset. He gave a darn about his stalker. The second reason a lot of people seem to jab at Cody is for him being carried through the third season. He was carried, it was against his will. Think about it, a lot of times Cody didn't get to try because Sierra was right there, sometimes literally carrying him through the challenge. Cody did try to strategize and get her eliminated, but failed. And he helped his team whenever he could, like in the Japan challenge. Lastly, some people just find him annoying.... eh, to each there own. LOL. Overall, Cody is the perfect underdog and won me over forever with that line in Haute Camp-ture when he let Gwen go. Cody's awesome, nuff said.

13. Max, The Evil Mastermind

This explanation'll be simple. Max is consistently, gut-bustingly hilarious. Him trying to be evil, but at the same time being such a pathetic loser who clearly just going through a fad is amazing to watch. Max is clearly going to take over the world. 

12. Dakota, The Developed Princess

Dakota was fully developed in a very small amount of screen time. The writers did an absolutely fantasic job with her. She felt very real in her journey throughout the season because the causes of her development were real and the change felt genuine. Dakota turned out to be a really seet person behin camera hoggieness. She deserves her fanbase and popularity. Her transformation was horrible, but it gave her the final development she needed to be finished as a character. All I want is for her to return back to human form and she will be finished.

11. Tyler, The Klutzy Jock

An absolutely hilarious character. Everytime he hurts himself or fails epicly its always in such a ridiculous way I can't help but laugh, it is always executed perfectly. But one thing that I really respect about Tyler is the fact that even though he's a total failure, he never gives up or cries or pouts. He keeps such a positive attitude in the face of constsant pain and suffering and always enjoys what he's doing. He seems satisfied and still enjoys his hobby even though he knows he sucks at it, but he still keeps his head held high. He's not a whiner, he's a fighter.

10. Jasmine, The Australian Survivalist

Jasmine is simply an amazing character that everyone loves, and for good reason. One of the things I really like is the fact she's intimidating and powerful, but she doesn't want to scare people and use her strength to push people around. That's a nice contrast to a lot other female powerplayers on the show, and I have to respect that. I also love all of her insecurities. She's one of those characters you just want to hug when she's sad, and I loved seeing her afraid of closed-spaces and being torn about Shawn. I am also a Jashawn shipper for life, and who doesn't love her friendship with Sammy? Jasmine is just a wonderfully well-written character.

9. Bridgette, The Moral Surfer

Bridgette has always been one of my favorite contestants. I just can't help but appreciate this character. I don't even see her as that bland. She has flaws and she's made plenty of mistakes, but you know what, she's a person who will own up to everything and apologize and not do it again afterwards. That is respectable on some of the highest levels. And aside from her flaws, Brdgette is such a sweetheart. How can I not love such a caring and calm individual? I would totally be friends in real life with this girl, and honestly, she has a lot of the traits i look for in a female. What else can I say? I loved watching her try and bring peace to the catty girls. I loved watching her as an aftermath host. And I would love to see her again, even if its for fodder.

8. DJ, The Teddy Bear

This marshmellow does not get enough credit. I'm not going to talk about his time in World Tour because that was just horrible. But he was absolute gold in his first two seasons. He was chill and afraid, but still had a sense of bravery to him. He competed hardish, but wasn't a bully with his size which is awesome. His alliance with Chef really showed what kind of person he really was and ended perfectly. But one thing that's overlooked about DJ is the gags he has, like when he pretended to be a deer for example. There all really clever and chuckle worthy. And of course we must not forget the amazing Mama, she's a butiful gurl. The brickhouse needs to return for redemption, and get a girlfriend. 

7. Shawn, The Zombie Fearer

The moment I heard about Shawn's stereotype, I knew I would love the guy. And what do you know, I was right. Shawn totally deserved the million dollars, not only because he worked hard but also since he's a great character. I really dig the fact that he's isolated from his team, but in a good way. Shawn is a loner by choice, but always helps his team with food and challenges, he just won't sleep with them because he's scared of zombies. Speaking of which, I never, ever got tired of his zombie talk, I thought it was hilarious and I find it so ironic that he can take down zombies so easily and yet he still is so afraid. Shawn is a finished character, and I wouldn't mind never seeing him again, because he was fun and developed during his time.

6. Eva, The Angry Phsycopath

So I put Eva, a character who's compete in only five episodes, above 46 other people. I don't care, when it comes to a character like Eva, all bets are off. Eva is one of the most hilarious characters of all time. Every single scene she's  in is just amazing, the best obviously being her interviews in World Tour. Eva is also overflowing with potential. All it would take is the writers to remember her and use some imagination, then she'll be amazing. I can think of, maybe, six plots for this girl off the top of my head. Eva is a ridiculously entertaining character who I will never put any lower cause I don't feel like it. I will always love Eva, and out of all the contestants needs to be brought back most.

5. Noah, The Sarcastic Bookworm

Look guys, a legend. Noah is essentially the straight-man of Total Drama. And i couldn't ask for a better one, as Noah is really well-written. The most famous reason being how hilarious Noah is. In every episode he is in, he has this one line that's engraved in all our heads forever due to how amazing it really is. Noah also works off of people really well. All his conflicts are golden, his friendships sweet, and Team-Escope being one of the best things ever. Noah is also just relatatable. He's that guy we can all identify with and understand his reasoning. His substantial development in season three gave good reason for the guy to be so high on people's lists, as he became kinderish and more helpful. Noah simply deserves all of his fans and adoration.

4. Izzy, The Hilarious Crazy

She's simply a really fun character. Izzy has always been consistently entertaining and likable. While she's been a bit inconsistent in her craziness, it works becasue it keeps her from getting stale. But getting her stale as a character would be hard because she is completely unpredictable in her actions and interactions. Her bombastic personality is always captivating, and whether its a rivalry or a friendship, its fun to see her around others. Izzy has, and likely will always countinue to keep me laughing. She's a character I personally do not think can be ruined. You're awesome Izzy. Follow your disturbing dreams, and BOOM BOOM.

3. Lindsay, The Innocent Blonde

Total Drama mastered the craft of the dumb blonde. She's really innocent, which is a quality I admire a lot. Her stupidity most of the time is not annoying, but very funny. Plus, she's pretty developed too. Her time in TDA was great and made Lindsay one of the greatest characters on the show. I just love every minute of her time on the on screen, as Lindsay rarely dissapoints. Her interactions are all really great and unique. They feel special. i just love Lindsay and she is to be this high forever. 

2. Ella, The Sweet Singer

ELLA. Yesh, in my humble opinion, Ella is the best female that's ever come on the show. The second I saw her design I knew I would love her. But, she didn't reach my expectations... she exceeded them trillionfold. Forgive me for having a hankering for nice people, but Ella is the most adorable thing ever. What I love about her the most is her joyful nature and positive attitude. When someone takes so much joy and so much fufilment and such care and effort into making others happy and smiling through no obligation of their own they are instantly in my top five, period. Ella just sees the best in everthing and I really admire that. Ella's singing was also perfect and always pleasant to hear, it never got old. And let's not forget her goodbyw, which was the best moment in all of Total Drama. Ella is suprisingly well-rounded too, she actually did stuff and had awesome interactions. Sing on, Ella.

1. Brick, The Noble Cadet

This derpy goofball is a perfect character all around, I simply adore everything about his character. For one, his personality is original and unique and didn't feel like a replacement from someone of the original cast. He was something we hadn't seen before and it shows the writers huge capabilities they have, despite evidence to the contrary. He was also genuinely hilarious. He wasn't sarcastic or insane, but his good humor came from things he said and his odd mannerisms. He had some of the greatest lines of not only season four, but of the whole darn show. But the best part about him is that he's a genuine rolemodel to everyone. He's a total team player and is so kind, and at the same time very interesting and entertaining. Brick, in the end, was eliminated for saving lives and that alone makes him unarguably the most noble character this show has ever seen. 

Ta-da! We're finished! Hope you all enjoyed, I know I did.

Special thanks to CoGreen20 for all the pics

Specal thanks to God for being kind enough to give me an enjoyment and (hopefully) talent ion reviewing.

Special thanks to you all for commenting and not flaming me.

Special thanks to potatoes because they are amazing.

Have a fantastic day everyone! God bless! : D

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