Howdy guys! It's time for another review blog thing. This time I'm going to go and talk bout my top ten least favorite TD couples! Probably should have done this on Valentines Day but whatevs. Without further ado, my Top 10 Worst TD Couples!

Let's start...

10. Scott and Dawn. (Dott)

The only reason this isn't in the top five is because their is this reimagining fanfiction that starts Total Drama over from the beginning, and has written in this couple very well. So it has helped me appreciate it. But not to much, cause i still hate the dickens out of it. For one, this is MASSIVELY overrated. Everyone seems to adore this couple and thinks it would just be fantastic if it became canon. I do appreciate that many supporters acknowledge it wouldn't really have a possibility to become canon, so I do salute the couple's fanbase for not being rabid. But the main reason I don't like this is because in every fanfiction (except the one mentioned above) has not been able to pull this couple off in my eyes. Someone is either OOC or it just turns into another Dunceney. And Lord knows I really don't want another Dunceney. So yeah, I see the appeal, its just not for me.

9. Owen and Izzy. (Ozzy)

This is a couple that in its first two seasons was a ton of fun and really pure. But season three erased those good qualities and gave me a dissapointment. I really liked this couple, their routine of constantly hurting each other was a lot of fun. But it became old, stale, and predictable after awhile. The wild and unpredictable couple became boring and static. That's all I gotta say.

8. Duncan and Courtney. (Dunceney)

Boring. Stupid. Not Funny. Predictable. Overated. Overused. Cliche. These are words to describe this incredibly toxic couple. I mean holy smokes, how did this ever get such a massive following?! Its your simple slap, slap, make out scenario. I do not get what is so appealing. Doesn't this bad boy/good girl love get, like, old after awile? And these two certainly are not compatible. They always argue and backstap one another. And it all ended when Duncan decided that it would be okay to cheat on Courtney. Jerk. But COurtney's at fault to. She's not accepting, like at all. And she's far to controlling for ANYONE'S standards i'll bet. These two become awful characters when around each other. So its beast they stay as far away as possible from their ex.

7. Cameron and Sierra. (Camerra)

Here's two characters i love that were screwed out of development because some moron at Fresh thought is was a good idea to turn Sierra into a legitamate physcopath and become crazier about Cam then she ever was about Cody. This is not a funny running gag. Okay so it kinda is. But it really ticks me off that two great characters are just thrown away for a running gag that wasn't funny in the slightest. And that insults and angers me.

6. Scott and Courtney. (Scourtney)

I like the idea of this couple, i really do. It coud've been great. It shows a better side to the two we don't normally get to see. But the execution of it in All Stars kills it. It begins wwith Scott eating crap off of Courtney's face. No seriously. That's when the 'romance' begins. I could just stop typing now and move to number five, but I have more to say. Throughout the rest of the season the two would mgically fall in love with each other through no build up whatsoever and be just, there. Then, after they get together, it magically takes five seconds for them to hate each other and break up. And this cycle repeats itself over and over again. So yup, good couple, abysmal execution. Next...

5. Lightning and Anne Maria. (Lightmaria)

It would be boring, lame, and it sucks. Anne Maria deserves someone that's not Lightning. Moving On.

4. Mike and Zoey. (Zoke)

Gosh, this was great in TDR. Rushed and lacking substance, yes, but it felt really genuine and was just so adaarable. i couldn't help but love it. But TDAS hits and this couple I once loved and defended was destroyed beyond any repair whatsoever. There is nothing that could be said to defend this love that is extremely unhealthy. Mike and Zoey both tried to kill themselves over each other and that's not okay. I mean Mike crushed himself with a boulder and Zoey nearly let herself get eaten by pirannahs! WTH!? It's just not okay. I hate that their characters revlove around each other completely. Zoey did absolutely nothing thoughout All Stars but worry about Mike. What happed to her saeson four version, the one that was lkable and not a braindead girlfriend. I'm not even going to touch upon the fact that Mike needs Zoey to contorl his MPD because that's so stupid it doesn't deserve to be mentioned!

3. Noah and Cody. (NoCo)

No. Nope. Never. Nah-ah. Not in a billion years. No. இல்லை. Nie. না. Aucun. No. No. No. No. No. #no. Please God, don't let this ever happen. No. No. Did I mention No? No. No. There OOC when this happens. No. no. Just... no. Well, that about sums it up!

2. Gwuncan (Gwen and Duncan)

What do I see when I see this couple? I see a couple that ruined a season of Total Drama. Ruined characters. Was founded by cheating and lies. Killed a friendship. Tore a fanbase in two. This darn couple has caused so many arguments and fan wars its not even funny. ANd that's what I hate th most about Gwuncan. it sets an unplesant atmosphere and anger and chaos in both the show and the fandom. It's begining's sucked. It's ending sucked. it sucked when these two were dating. It sucked when  they sang a song about how it should be okay for them to cheat. It was shameful. So yeah, i hat this one, it tor peope apart and was just awful.

And my most hated TD couple is...







1. Chris and Lindsay. (Chrisay)

Why. Why does this exist. Why are their art and stories that have been made up of this... I'm not even going to call it love. it's pedophillia. And its disturbing. I really don't like that this is a thing. It disturbs and dugusts me, I mean, at least the other couples had some substance to them! The only substance her is pervert CHris flirting with Lindsay and lusting after her. Ain't that just dandy? There is no reason that people should like this. if you like the above couples, fine. Like them. But please don't like this. Its not okay. This shouldn't have thirty-two fanfics. That makes me cry. *starts crying*




And that's all folks! Join me Sunday for my Top Ten BEST couples! See ya and God Bless! ;)

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