Just feel like sharing my updated top ten with you guys. Enjoy! :)

10. Cody

Cody is a character whose fanbase has bee dwindling as of late. But I still like the geek... a lot. And the reason being is that, in both the fandom and the show, the poor kid doesn't get a whole lot of credit. First of all, he can be really funny at times. His pervy flirtatious moments where he says something stupid and ticks off a girl are always hilarious. And yet, despite his perviness, he RESPECTS women. Look back to Island where he totally let Gwen go when he realized that she and Trent were meant to be. Everyone forgets that he not only HELPED hook them up, but completely RESPECTED them as a couple. Cody may have been jealous of Duncan taking the goth girl, but give the kid a break. He's human. Cody didn't do too much in World Tour, but kept me entertained. He was the only underdog who merged and that was great. I also like how him and Sierra became friends in the end, even after all the chaos the two experienced throughout World Tour. Cody's a good guy and really does deserve a gal of his own.

9. Dakota

Dakota is the example of a perfect character. She got less screen time then many of Revenge's cast, but while so many of them remained static and bland, she developed and left the competition a whole new person. I disliked her at first, but she began to grow on me as she interned. During that time she learned about the real world and started to blossom. It was not only awesome to watch, but it felt totally believable. Her mutation was... interesting. But i believe it did help finish her character as well as Sam's. Speaking of Sam, Samkota is the greatest, purest, crackiest canon couple ever and I love it. Honestly, Dakota is finished as a character. All I want to know is that she turns human again and all will be well. The former fame monger is definitely one of TD's finest.

8. Tyler

Tyler is a character who provides tons of hearty laughs, whether it be him injuring himself or saying the most random one liners or just being lovably pathetic. He's one of the funniest characters on the show, by far. But that's not the whole reason why I love him, far from it. I have a massive amount of respect for Tyler as he always tries and never gives up. Most people in his situation would become depressed and quit whatever they keep failing at. But not Tyler. No matter how many bruises or body casts he gets put in he doesn't lose optimism and never stops trying. And for that the suckish sporto forever has my respect.

7. Bridgette

If one wants to know what I look for in a woman, look to Bridgette. The surfer girl is sweet and kind and highly caring. She's like a mother hen. She's middle ground during the fights. She has flaws and acknowledges them and tries to fix them. She likes to take risks and do challenges and is loyal to those she loves. She has a strong moral code and she doesn't dress all skimpy. Besides being an awesome person, she's been really entertaining throughout the series. She clumsy, has great interactions and is a wonderful aftermath host. I would very much like her and her pleasantness to return again.

6. DJ

Poor DJ. Seriously. Poor, poor, poor DJ. I'm not going to even acknowledge his time on TDWT and his cameo in the subsequent season. Its done nothing but destroy his fan base and nearly give me an aneurism. Let's talk about the awesome DJ of the first two seasons. There he was not only a cuddly teddy bear who loved people and animals but had a toughness to him and wasn't a TOTAL wimp. I also thoroughly enjoyed his alliance storyline and was glad he quit. it was the right way to end it all. Plus, he can be really funny. What with his fear of Heather's legs and acting like a deer.... just yes.

Hope you enjoyed the part 1! Part 2 tommorow! God bless everyone! :D

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