Hello everyone. How are you all doing? :)

I thought I'd stop by and wish you all a happy thanksgiving, and also say how grateful I am for this wiki and all who are apart of it.

You are all wonderful, fun people who I enjoy talking to. No one is rude or mean on here, people may have their moments, and the wiki may be in chaos at times, but overall this is very peaceful place full of calm and collected people who I enjoy deiscussing and debating with. You are all amazing in your own special ways. :)

And this wiki is just a plethora of detailed information. When I officially come back I hope to helpo out more editing wise. The pages are so well put together and everyone needs to give around of applause to the top editors on this wiki. 

This wiki is fun. When i was a little kid, discovering wikipedia and the subsequent wikis, I never imagined i'd actually be apart of one at some point. And I am proud to be on this wiki. 

God bless you all and have a wonderful day! :D

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