Rock and Spudlabeled The Rockers 18th - When i first saw these two, I was certainly not impressed. And as
Rockers out
the season went on they did not do much of anything to improve that. They almost had an interesting plot with Rock trying to motivate Spud, but it wore thin pretty fast for me. Not being compelling or entertaining. While Rock is kind of likable, although his whole sthick of going, 'WHOOOOA' and 'BOOOOM' instead of saying actual sentences was pretty annoying, Spud is freaking awful. It is absolutely disgusting when a person knows how useless they are and how they have no real skills and are just annoying, but you don't care and care even less how your ruining things for your friends, is just disgusting. These two wwere a giant time and lasted for way too long.

Kelly and Taylorlabeled Mother and Daughter '17th - Am I missing something about Taylor? How do so many of you guys consider her funny? She's a disrespectful little piece of crap. I cannot stand her. She is t

Kelly slays camera man

he poster child for why making corpral punishment illegal is a terrible idea. Her and Spud should go on a date with how terrible they are. Kelly is better and sympathetic as hell, but she's still a terrible parent. I was pleasantly suprised when these two were out as early as they were. Definitly no complaints there.

Tom and Jenlabeled  The Fashion Bloggers  16th - I know this will get me in hot water, but I'm no

As stupid as usual

 stranger to unpopular opinions. I do not really like these two. Simply put, they were not entertaining or funny in the least. Nothing they said or did made me smile. I though all their fashion babblings were just irritating. Not to mention their voices. Holy crap, I hate their voices. I'm sorry, but its like nails on a chalkboard for my ears. I like that their names are that of the creators. That was clever. But everything else failed for me. I will give the two this: they are written well. Vey well, they are just not for me. And I'm glad everyone else seems to be enjoying them. To each their own. :)

Leonard and Tammylabeled  The LARPers  15th - I don't have a lot to say here. For the first time in a long
time, I felt the writers made a good choice with their first boot. They picked someone who didn't really have a shot or that great of story potential compared to everyone else. And they kicked them off with grace. They had a few funny jokes, and I'm glad they were gone when they were. Great first boots.

Ellody and Marylabeled The Geniuses  14th - These two ladies were fine. Nothing that special, but it was nice to have some nice, relatively normal brainiac characters. Wish I could say more, but I don't have anything else to say. :P

Gerry and Petelabeled The Tennis Rivals  13th - I liked these guys. A lot. They were charming chuckle-
Gerry and pete int
worthy old men that were pretty entertaining. I really liked their designs too, they were very well done. Now they did not hold up incredibly well on rewatch, as they were nowhere near as charming and funny my first impressions made me believe. So yeah, i'm really glad I saw them, but I can't say I'd like to see them again. 

Clue for 12th - A pair I was fairly sure they were going to have an alliance with the surfer dudes until they were eliminated. 

I'm baaaaaack! At least for a time. I just want to be here to discuss things with you guys during the season. I love it so much and haven't seen an episode I didn't like. God bless and have a wonderful day! :D


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