And I mean, EVERYONE. I want to try this little idea out and give positives to every character. Multiple positives that are legitimate and make sense. Zoey's positive isn't gonna be her flower or anything like that. 

This blog will be countiuously updated over the course of a few weeks, as this will take a while. 

To start off, let's go over my three least favorite characters... Chris, Duncan, and Mike.

Chris McLean, The Host with the Most  

Oh Chris. Chrisity, Chris, Chris. I hate you. Being so freaking delighted to murder people does not make you charming. It makes you a very bad word. But there is SOME good left in you. Your voice actor Christian Potenza being chief among them. Yeah, he said that thing about all the people who complained about Mike not being real fans, and yeah he's the guy who keeps leaking scripts, but he is a really great person. Both in character and talent. He's a really likable guy who can put a ton of power into his voice acting. While I wanted to punch him in the face most of the time during Pahkitew island, the way and style it was said was well done, if you get my drift. I liked the delivery, but what was actually said was crappy. But Potenza is not the only positive I have for Chris. He has supplied us with many hilarious moments (like when his wig came off). And during TDA, his bromance with Chef was the greatest thing ever. Finally, as much as I HATE to admit it, the show probably wouldn't be a fun without him (unless it was Chef who took over), his sadistic, murder happy behavior and attitude just needs to be toned down.By a lot. 

Duncan, The Delinquent  File:DuncanArrested.png

It's no secret I hate Duncan, a character who goes against everything I stand for in life. But he's got some good in him. He's had a few good lines and several funny moments (like when he went insane in Top Dog). His rivalries are really good too, particulary the ones with Leshawna and Harold are the best and most interesting. His interactions with Chef are spot on as well. Any friendship he has feels very real, whether it had been with Gwen, DJ, Geoff, Beth, or Zoey. Also, for a character who hates singing, he really has a fantastic voice, props to Drew Nelson. But my favorite thing about him was his elimination in All-Stars. It was GREAT for the writer's to finally show what happens when you have a mindset like that of Duncan. Wanting to be bad will only get you thrown into prison and I am thankful the writers showed this, since up until that point, Duncan's life choices had been portrayed positively. 

Mike, The One We All Hate 

This one will be short, cause this was hard. But I found a few positive things to say about Mike. For one, I think in REVENGE, the writers did a good job at both playing some of the personalities for laughs, yet keeping it from being offensive by showing that it still gave Mike a lot of crap to deal with and wasn't this funny thing you should want. Speaking of which, Chester and Svletlana are freaking awesome and should be their own characters. Other than that, Cory Doran is a great voice actor, and the line, "I like waffles too." is just really great. I love it for some odd reason. 

Blainley, The Adult Diva  

Blainley isn't that great of a character, and I don't think she's funny. As a matter of fact, she's my least favorite female on the show. But their is some good about her. For one her design is really good. I love the colors and it meshes really well. I thought she was kind of annoying on the aftermaths, but I did enjoy the role she played and appreciated it. And while it was a completly horrendous idea, she did do a couple good things in the competition. Her little friendship with owen and comments about her staff being them. Plus, I do think that Blainley has the potential to come back and be completely hilarious. But only if they play her right. 

Staci, The Compulsive Liar  

Staci's fantastic. I love her so much. She has an adorable voice and an adorable design that I honestly find more appealing that those like Heather and Courtney. Her lies are so ridiculous that they just work so well as great comedy. She played her role as first boot perfectly yet I feel like she has the potential to come back with a great story. Staci is just faboo.

Leonard, The LARPer  
Bigez Leonard Rankings

I rather like Leonard. He was funny in his own little way. He has a GREAT design that the fandom predicted pretty spot-on. I love his interactions with Dave and Sugar cause they are simply amazing. I loved his wizard tower idea. Not to mention, like most of the fodder in TDPI, I think that he can come back and develop. 

That was fun. Which character should I give their poitives to next? Hope you all like this thing. God bless and good night! :D

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