We spend a lot of time on this wiki discussing things we like and dislike. And that's fine and normal. Most of the time its leads to some pretty awesome discussions. :)

But what characters are very middle of the road for you guys? In other words, which characters are you neutral on? And I don't mean in a way that's you kind've lean towards one way, but you really don't. I mean which characters you are just comfartable neuteral at.

For me, I am pretty neuteral on Scott. He's a character who has never been that good or that bad in any of his appearences. He's had a number of positives and a number of negatives. So all in all, he balances out quite nicely for my tastes.

The other character i'm completely neuteral on is Beardo, because, well, Its Beardo. He's a character you eith like or are indifferent to. 

So I want to here from you guys and what you all have to think. I wait your responses. God bless, and good night. :)

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