Hello everyone! Welcome to the part 2 of my top 20 worst Total Drama episodes! And yeah, that's all I have to say. Enjoy!


10. The Chefswank Redemption- Its no doubt that the episodes where Gwen is eliminated in tend to be a pile of horse dung, and this is no different. The major problem with this episode is that the main plot is riding on a complete and utter lie. That lie being Gwen helped Trent throw challenges for the Killer Grips. So as punishment, she now has to throw a challenge for her own team, as well as vote herself off. But, the thing is, SHE DIDN'T HELP TRENT AT ALL. This gets me angered because the whole episode is riding on Gwen trying to "write her wrongs" and "avoid karma" for "helping" Trent. But, like I said before, she never did. She broke up with him BECAUSE he was throwing challenges and she didn't want to win that way. Gwen clearly didn't approve. So I don't know how Gwen allowed Justin to manipulate her, when she clearly wasn't at fault. This whole conflict made Gwen look like an idiot and all the Grips unlikable.

9. Moon Madness- When I saw the trailers to this, I was really excited. While the premise didn't make a whole lot of sense, it seemed like a hilarious idea. But of course, this just turned out to be crap. The challenge I was looking forward to so much didn't even happen. The only creatures that changed personality were the animals, Mike, and Heather. But the latter turned out to be faking it, creating a plot hole in which a viewer would wonder why Mike changed for reals and Heather didn't. These writers still owe MilaYin her cookie. Any who, with the major part of the episode that I was looking forward to obliterated, there isn't much else to talk about. Mal was built up even more rather than actually doing something. Gwuncan broke up, and it felt OOC and as rushed as the relationship's beginning was. And I adore Cameron, but him getting switched to the Villains team was stupid, since it never led to anything interesting.

8. The Princess Pride- This is an episode that is mean-spirited and never gave me a reason to be invested at any moment any moment. The main characters here are Justin, Courtney, and Duncan. If you know me, you know I despise every single one of them. So I just didn't care throughout a majority of the episode. I didn't care if Justin got his princess. i didn't care about Courtney, who was at her whiniest in this episode. She was incredibly annoying. I especially didn't care for Duncan. He cheated and broke the back of a whale and Harold, who din't provoke him at all. Someone explain to me why he isn't universally despised. Oh, and the sike out elimination ceremony was angering too. The overall unlikableness, along with torture for the loveable Beth and Lindsay, turn this into a horrible episode.

7. Hawaiian Punch- This is an infamous finale. What can i say that you don't already know. Cody clearly should have been in  the final two, he deserved it. Alejandro was just a Gary-Stu villain WHO ISN'T SUPPOSED TO WIN and Heather was just addicted to strategy, and got high off of it all season. So leaving us with a villain final two was just dumb. But the most irritating part is that there is absolutely no closure here. World Tour opened up so many plot lines, too many to close properly in time. So, they just decide to close none of them! In fact they leave us on a cliff hanger that leads to believe that the original 24 died. WTH!? Terrible, terrible finale to an awful season.

6. Sunday Muddy Sundae- Again, what do i need to say that you don't already know? This episode nuked into a oblivion Courtney's well-done redemption and gave us TDA Courtney again. Why on earth would the writers do this? For a laugh? Stinking writers. So like a ball of yarn, this episode untangled Courtney as a character, ruining her forever. Also, this challenge is one of the worst. Not only is its goal to feed starving interns, but it is based off of no past challenge whatsoever.

5. Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen-  UGGGGGGGGGGGGHHH. This episode is the most forgettable in TD history. But, even in my fading memory of it, I feel a very negative feel from this. That just hearing the title seems to be negative. This is probably because the likable characters, Harold and Beth, are abused constantly. I was annoyed when they were chosen to be the fighters, abused by trainers Duncan and Courtney to the extreme, and didn't even wind up fighting, but they were still abused during the match. Harolds plot with the snail wasn't really that funny and kind've bugged me. Owen was just horrible here, period. The guy isn't a master strategist and I couldn't care less about his cheese cellar ordeal. The only thing of importance that happened was when Harold and Duncan began to warm up to each other. but that was for not, since Duncan couldn't keep his big mouth shut. Unlikable and forgettable, this episode is pointless, and I shall pretend it does not exist.

4. African Lying Safari- This episode feature a dumb challenge with a strange lack of wildlife (I wanted giraffes, dang it!), unlikable characters who show no remorse for cheating on their girlfriend, and of course, feral Zeke. This was the biggest slap in the face that these writers have ever swung. I couldn't care less if they got millions of letters from fans of the home school. We're the audience, they need to listen to us as we are their source of pay. To watch them destroy Zeke like that was disgusting and hard to watch. It was a horrible day on the Serengeti.

3. Saving Private Leechball- OH MY GOSH. This episode is one of the worst and overrated I have ever seen. There's actually lots to talk about. For one the animation is obnoxious, there's not need for the weird shadows. The challenge was more rushed that the season opening. I was in shock when I realized the challenge was over, I literally couldn't believe it. This war challenge had all the wrong people as well. Where was Brick and Izzy!? Cameron and Sierra and whatever development potential they had were thrown out the window for a stupid, disturbing hallucination gag that would last throughout the season. Zoey godplayed way to much. Courtney was awful in this episode. I could give you a long, long list of reason why Duncan doesn't deserve to be on the Heroes team, but I would knock the western power grid. And of course, Jo was great this season, and just had to be eliminated early. Hated every minute of this episode.

2. I See London- This episode was great up until the last five minutes. Let's see, first off, Zeke began his destruction here. Second, why is Duncan back? Really? The camera hog? Grr, that angers me. It doesn't even make sense that he was brought back, since he was found playing a gig with some band. Doesn't he hate music? Does he even play an instrument? Wouldn't made more sense for like Trent to have been there? Since he actually plays and would have wanted to get as far as possible from Katie and Sadie? Third, Team Amazon winning was absolute bull. Completely unfair. Chris sucks. Fourth, Noah was voted out, you know, the fan-favorite. Fifth, Duncan made googly eyes at Gwen while hugging his own girlfriend, walked in on her in the bathroom, didn't leave when he saw her, grabbed her burnt hand, stared into her eyes, causing her to fumble, and then he kissed her. Again,  WHY IS HE AN AUDIENCE FAVORITE????!!!! Overall, this episode put a bad taste in my mouth, erasing whatever memories I have of this episode that were good.

And my Number 1, all time hated episode is........................................................






... 1. 3:10 to Crazytown- This is it people. The worst of the worst. I cannot stand to even think about this lame, lame abomination. Where the heck do I begin? I know, the challenge. This, like number 20, was boring, but this one shouldn't have been. In no way should a western themed episode been so unbelievably slow and boring. I swear this episode dragged on forever. The first challenge, which was to jump from a diving board onto a horse, wasn't that entertaining and just lead to a lot of mean and unfunny moments. I felt really bad for that poor animal. Oh, and Justin proved he was a wussy here. The next challenge was even worse. The Grips had to catch the Gaffers with ropes. Say, why don't you rope actual cattle? You know, whichever team ropes the most cattle wins? That would have been fun. And why isn't there any gun-slinging in this episode? IT'S WESTERN THEMED. But the main problem in the worst episode of TD ever is how poorly they handle Gwen and Trent, as well as there break up. Trent is really unlikable in this episode. The guitarist is a cool dude, who can be interesting on his own. Here, he's obsessed, creepy, and very annoying. Gwen OOC, as she just breaks up with her boyfriend, never asking what's wrong, and then allows Justin to use her as a doormat and blackmails her, saying that she and Trent were in on the throwing challenges thing. Which doesn't make sense since that's why Trent and her just broke up. Then he lies about to his team, who believe him. When they turn and question Gwen, she just buckles, and doesn't even fight the fact that she's being lied about. That's so stupid, so lame, so....... just ARGH! This episode leaves me angry and upset. Upset with characters, upset with lame challenges, and upset with writers who have absolutely no idea what the heck they're doing. I HATE THIS EPISODE.

Well that's it. :) Hope you enjoyed! Tune in tomorrow for my Top 20 BEST Total Drama episodes Part 1 tomorrow!

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