Hello fellow Total Drama fans! I hope you all had a merry Christmas.

Today I bring the first of a four part series. On the grounds of Yolo I plan on releasing my Top 20 Best and Worst Total Drama Episodes, both of which will be split up into three parts. I'm getting the negativity out of the way by presenting the worst list first.

I love Total Drama, but let's face it. The show has had some terrible episodes. Flanderization, dumbness, lameness, uncomfortable drama, fart jokes, and much else can ruin a TD episode. So from the 100+ episodes that have ever aired, I have selected 20 of what I consider the worst. So I present to you


20. Riot on the Set- One major problem of Total Drama Action was that it was so incredibly boring. Riot on Set is probably one of the worst offenders of all-around boringness, barely anything happens in this episode. It starts out with Trent and Gwen picking teams. This moment not only starts out a stupid conflict between the couple that no one wanted to see, but it drags on forever. Picking teams really doesn't need a lot of screen time and isn't a complicated task. And if it is complicated, it should pick the teams in a fun way, like Walk Like An Egyptian Part 1 did. After several months of picking teams, the challenge commences. Which is to carry a make-up tent to the top of the hill.

When their not flanderizing DJ, their cracking terrible, downright painful jokes.

"Owen can do it! He's are guy! And if he can't do it….. Uhhhh, he's not our guy!"

Why would you say that Beth? This scene drags on forever too, and I'm already falling asleep by the time this episode reaches the second part of the challenge. This next part isn't quite interesting, and rather insulting since preparing a scene to act out can spawn tons of jokes. I should know since I'm in drama. I will give this episode credit, the acting scenes were funny. And that's the only memorable part about this bore. The rest of it is a bland, drawn out waste of my time.         


19. Eat, Puke, and Be Wary- I'll say it right now, the major problems with this episode are personal nitpicks of mine. But they're really distracting from all the memorable, funny moments. For one, the challenge is pretty lame, despite involving Chef. Also, Scott gets way too much karma. No one really deserves a trauma chair. But those aren't factors that would screw an episode over. But two other things MURDER it. One of them is DJ's horrible cameo that feels like a cold, hard slap to the face since he's my favorite character and I absolutely despised the way they carried on his stupid derailment from season 3. To see that the writers made no effort in trying to write DJ as a crybaby really ticked me off. But the worst part of the episode is the poor execution of the Lightning and Cameron conflict. I wouldn't mind a conflict, but the friendship they were forming was awesome. It was nice to see a nerd and jock form a bond. But of course, Lightning royally ruins it when he blatantly breaks Cams promise. Then the bubble boy worsens it by jumping on his back, and accidentally steals his immunity when the jock victory dances into the pole. So, the writers ruined what any liability Captain bland had, and ruined what would have been one my all time favorite interactions.

18. Jamaica Me Sweat- The explanation for this is simple, the way they screwed over DJ insulted me. They could have salvaged his character, but nope, we just gotta have crybaby DJ.

Oh, and the elimination of Izzy stunk too.

17. Masters of Disasters- When I heard that their was a disaster movie challenge in TDA, I was pumped. I love disaster films solely because of the epic special effects. So when I saw this episode at long last… I was bitterly disappointed. Yeah, I expected a little more pizzazz out of the challenge. It was kind of lame in my opinion. But you want to know what's even lamer? The characters that partake in the challenge. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, is unlikable. Solely because of how the react to Beth's boyfriend, Brady. Instead of being happy for her, they all laugh and snicker. Not giving a chance to consider Beth may have an attractive boyfriend. And don't give me bull about how it was because she did it in two days. It was obvious they didn't believe because of her looks. And people kept on saying how Brady didn't exist throughout the episode. Izzy was the worst offender and especially unlikable. You know someone has royally screwed up when they make IZZY unlikable. However, I can't sympathize with Beth, since she knowingly flirted and yet, had a boyfriend. Way to go show, you made me hate everyone. *Begins clapping*

16. Heroes VS Villains- I loved every single season opener thus far. Every single one is in my top 30. Except for this one. This is an episode that seems to take everything I hate about the beloved show and wrapped it up into a little burritos that I would like to throw at the jerk who gave me the Mexican meal. Seriously, where the heck do I begin? I know! The blatant continuity errors. And its not just small things here and there. It's massive parts of major plot lines. No Gwen, Duncan and Courtney were dating when the love triangle mess happened. Hey Mike, didn't you defeat your personalities last season? Are you gonna explain why their back? Cam and Lightning, you gonna mention making it to the finale? Actually Al, you were in the drama machine for two years. Scott, how did you know Chris had a robot? Speaking of which, why are you not a robot? I mean, Al didn't heal that fast, so you shouldn't have either! Sadly, all these errors aren't the only problems this premiere suffers. For one, I felt this episode was extremely rushed. When I first watched it, I thought that if I blinked I would have missed the episode. Plus, it didn't even get much done in the rushed way it was presented. Lindsay's elimination and flanderization was abysmal. Only, like 200%of the fandom was rooting for her. Alejandro's reveal really showed off the massive ego of the writers, as they thought they were so clever with this reveal, despite Alejandros participation confirmed through Mr. Potenzas videos, trailers, and THE THEME SONG. So, this was a huge disappointment, terrible season opener.

15. Chinese Fake-Out- Three words: Blainley, treatment, and song. Blainley was funny in Niagara Brawls, but she certainly wasn't here. She was annoying as all heck and took up screen time that should have gone to others, although, really, the rest of the cast for this episode wasn't great. The way the characters treated each other was awful, especially the whole Duncan and Courtney plot, which like Mildred, was funny in the previous episode, but not at all here. Finally, the song. Scratch that, calling A Chinese Lesson a song is an insult to songs. It barely qualifies as music.

14. The Bold and the Bootyful- This is an episode of sheer stupidity. I mean, what the heck happened?! We had an entire season of minimal toilet humor and their seemed to be a tin of it here. Were treated at the start with Yeti pooping into the Flush of Shame... NOT. FUNNY. IT. GROSS. Unfortunately for the audience, this is not the last poop joke, as Gwen decides to fix a picture with some animal droppings. Just why? Also this episode was EXTREMELY predictable. It was obvious the two who went home were going home, since they were entertaining, while the other two sucked. Lame, stupid, and overall forgettable. Where was Leshawna in this episode?

13. Greece's Pieces- An explosive start to the uncomfortable love triangle crap. And boy was it uncomfotable. The challenge had all the wrong people, and wasn't really that fun. The destruction of the Gwen and Courtney friendship was unbearably slow and painful, as we all knew what was going to happen, and they dragged it out. But the worst part of this episode was Duncan. I absolutely DESPISED his guts here. He was an absolute jerk. He was planning to have secret relationship with Gwen. Didn't feel sorry, sang a dang song about how he regrets nothing and how Gwuncan was meant to be. He was sickening in this episode. All he did was further setiment my hatred of the character. This episode was truly the begining of the end.

12. Picnic at a Hanging Dork- This was the ending episode to the love triangle conflict, and my what a terrible ending it was. This episode gave us literally nothing to care about. It ended the conflict with no resolution. no apologies. No regrets, sorrows, or clousure. Nothing. Every meber of the love triangle were lying, manipulative weasels in the Australian Outback. Courtney was... Courtney. Gwen manipulate Cody and toyed with his feelings. And Duncan was a jerk, per usual. He toyed with the emotions of everyone, hurting multiple people and having a heavy hand in the elimination of his girlfriend for the THIRD STRAIGHT SEASON. Sad that three characters is all it takes to ruin 22 minutes of animation celluloid.

11. Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better- Why wasn't this episode in Antarctica? It would have been nice to see a penguin in this heap of derailed characters. My hatred of this particular one comes from Team Victory. Let me explain my problems with each of them.

Leshawna and Lindsay: They blatantly ignore DJ's cries for there girl talk and that makes them as much as guilty for the loss as the other two. I haven't ever seen anyone call them out on it.

DJ: Grrrr... his massive flanderization began here. With a joke. The joke being he froze his eyes shut since the Yukon... reminded him of... his Momma. Since, she's like in Canada. And she has a freezer. The frozen Yukon made DJ cry since it reminded him of his Mom's freezer. before I destroy my freshly cleaned house, let me explain why this joke doesn't work. Question, where has the show taken place the past two seasons in which DJ has been apart of. So why in the name of everything is he crying for his Momma now? And he's been in cold environments before! Beach Blanket Bogus, anyone? This joke is so dumb and stupid and I hate that they ruined DJ in TDWT. It makes me so ANGRY!

Bridgette: I'm not gonna even go into detail here. You know the drill. Fell for Al. Kissed pole. Dating Geoff still. Yeah.

Well, that's it for part one! Join me tomorrow for part two! Comment if you want to discuss anything! :)

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