Hey guys, how are you today? :)

I have a theory to propose. I say Mr. Coconut is a living, breathing being. Why? Well simple.

Mr. Coconut was cut up during TDI and spart of him stayed there. But when the island became a toxic waste dump, things started getting mutated. Eventually the fruit came in contact with some goop and grew back the other half of him, as well as gaining a brain, heart, spleen, ect.

This is why he's in all sorts of different places during TDAS. He's moving around. But hwat is he doing? Why, its obvious that he's plotting with Stci and the butler to kill everyone.

I declare this to be canon so it is. Flock to the Mr. Coconut page an update it with this new info.

God bless you guys and good night. :)

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