Hi everyone! I'm here with some plots for twenty-four competitors I would love to see return. Here ya go! :D

Alejandro and Heather would come back and be the ultimate villainous duo of all time. They would work together until Alejandro's early (and untimely for them) elimination. Heather has to deal with this along with her strategic ideas running thin.

Sadie would return alone and ready to win the million with her adorably pathetic strategies as she has declared herself to become the All Star of Total Drama.

Owen would become jealous over Noah and Izzy's budding romance, and try to break them up, while he tries to lose weight to impress the red head. All while the bookworm has to deal with feelings of caring he has never felt before and Izzy living though her normal insanity.

Blainley would be her solely to be fodder and a person whose age can make some good, solid jokes. 

This season, DJ would try to become a tough guy and try to lose his wussy image.

Harold and Leshawna would finally find some closure in their relationship. But due to the gurls stubbornness, finding said closure will not be easy.

Geoff will try to be a light of chillness and positivity to his team as the drama gets heavy.

Eva would refuse to be in any alliance, even Team-Escope, and would keep to herself in a mostly vain attempt to suppress her extreme rage.

Brick and Jo would once again compete for leadership of their team, but once the jockette accidentally reveals her crush on him, the cadet would use this to his advantage in their ongoing rivalry.

Anne Maria would exist for pure comic relief. Wonderful, hilarious, comic relief. 

Scott would maliciously prank a bunch of people for his personal enjoyment in his short time, as he too is fodder. 

Dawn would be here to be her adorable, creepy self. She'd help shed light on some people, all while being really weird and secretive of herself. Her time on the show would involve lots of Fridge Horror.

Mike would be here just so he could be made fun of due to how horrible he is and would be the first boot, period.

Ella would be her normal, happy, sing-songy self, except that she is completely ignoring Sugar and refuses to acknowledge her mere existence. Not for any malicious intent, but the girl has come to realize the blonde hates her so much that it would e better for her if they didn't even interact.

Speaking of the pageant queen, she and Leonard form an alliance and then a romance with Leonard as she believes in his powers completely.

Max would continue, alone, on his quest to become EVIL.

Shawn and Jasmine would experience some problems as the boy is no longer prepping for zombies, but ever kind of apocalypse imaginable. 

Whatcha thing? :)

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