How do I put it bluntly? I strongly dislike World Tour. Sorry, but the tone was way to dark, things got way too controversial, my favorite characters were all either derailed, early outs, or just didn't compete, and TDA was almost completely ignored. But this season could have been the best. It could have been absolutely brilliant. Instead, we have the mess that is the third season. But what would I do to improve it in my opinion? Well, I do have a few suggestions...

1. Acknowledge TDA

The writers tend to avoid this season like the plague, and honestly, I don't understand why. It does have its problems, but Action isn't nearly as bad as they think. It was actually pretty decent, if not a bit boring and lackbuster. But the writers clearly are very ashamed to have created this and instead of owning up to their mistakes and fixing them, they just ignore them and that's a huge problem. What possibilities for development and plotlines could have been if Owen and Courtney's moral wrongdoings had been confronted. How awesome would it be if DJ continued growing braver after standing up to Chef? How would it been if Heather was actually starting to like being nice in TDA, and had to deal with hat throughout TDA? It would have been awesome, and its really sad that a decent season that started some interesting possibilities for the characters goes ignored even to this day. 

2. Cut Duncan first, AND KEEP IT THAT WAY

Sorry, but Duncan is responsible for a number of big problems with the season. One, if he hadn't come back, Team Cris would have had no reason to lose and Noah wouldn't have gone home. If he hadn't returned, the stupid, horrible love triangle would never have happened. And if he hadn't returned, he wouldn't have bugged the crap out of me with his disgusting aura of mean, hogging the screen all the way to final five. It was fine to eliminate Duncan when he originally was, life would have been better that way.

3. Give Chris A Rulebook.

Chris bended the rules way too much in the third season. He constantly declared fake elimination ceremonies, declared people winners when they clearly weren't, and was so incredibly biased towards Alejandro, Duncan, and Heather that I almost think that that's what the writers really feel about the screenhogs. A lot of annoyance would be taken away if Chris was forced to actually acknowledge and implement his own rules to his own show.


GOOD LORD HELP ME. The amount of plots left open in this season are inexcusable. Owen and izzy never finished their plot. I've heard something about them still being 'friends' but they literally didn't talk to each other afterwards. Did Courtney ever find out bout Alejandro? I don't really know, it was never implied or hinted at. Zeke was literally left a monster and then pushed into a volcano. DJ's curse never went anywhere, he was just left in scarred and screwed up psychologically. No one came out of the love triangle better off, I mean ask yourself. Are you really okay with them all just ending up hating each other? Plus, so much of the cast just wasn't developed and finished as characters. It would be one thing if they were leaving it open for another season, but the fourth, as we all know, just had newbies. So it should have been made sure the cast had been used to their fullest.

5. Add Beth, Justin, Trent, and Eva

Why I would bring back Trent and Eva is probably pretty obvious. But Justin and Beth is probs a little weird. Lemme explain...

What would happen ist that Justin would start seeing Beth for her true beauty, and start to fall in love. But Alejandro would start manipulating Beth and she would naively fall into the same trap before. Justin, now caring for her, would try to help Beth free herself, but she wouldn't listen as Justin already manipulated her once, so she believes this isn't in earnest, and rather wants a pawn over Alejandro. now that would be an interesting dilemma for both characters, IMO.

6. Let the Underdogs Rain

It means what it means. Let Eva, Zeke, Noah, Cody, Bridgette, and Izzy go far and rule. It's been done time and time and time and time and time and time and time and time again in many, many, many, many, many, many fanfictions, so it can happen on the show.

7. Use the newbies better.

This is simple. Make Sierra a little less obsessed with Cody and focused on her blogging, and stop Alejandro from being a villain-stu.

8. Heather.

Last one guys. Heather was (gulp) pretty bad in World Tour. I ONLY say this because in the show she was built up to have become the protagonist, to have developed into a niceish person. Hahahahahahahaha, no. She was a rude jerk at the beginning of the season, and she was a mildly less rude jerk at the end. She did not apologize or feel bad bout anything, she was only there for strategy, and had one friend at the end. Now what needed to happen was for her to struggle with becoming nice, liking it, but still wanting to use strategy. Making friends, but struggling to keep them due to her ruthless instincts. That  would have actually made her a likable, developed protagonist, deserving of the ridiculous amount of praise she currently gets.

And that's it. With these changes, I really think World Tour could have possibly been my favorite season. It really could have. I acknowledge that the third season had a lot of positives, but in order for it to have gotten a truly positive reaction it would have needed to at least take a few of these steps into account. 

But hey, that's my stupid opinion. :) If you disagree, disagree. You guys are all awesome and deserve to have your opinions. God bless and good night. 

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