Hello everyone! How are you doing today? :)

So, you've probably noticed I've recently become as active as the man hiding in your walls, and haven't done really much.

Well that's not changing, and I've created this one final blog post to announce my permenant leaving of the wiki. 

Ive lost a ton of interest in Total Drama as of recently and due to the fact that everyone's all pissed with each other and half the wiki got banned indefinitely, this really isn't a place I want to check anymore.   

With that being said i have some fond and fantastic memories of this place and I love you all. I will still be active on Deviantart for some time so contact me there. 

I wish you all the best, I sincerely hope you become Christians because it would be freaking awesome to see you all in heaven, strumming harps and sipping lataes. 

Good night and God bless memebers of the wiki. Have wonderful lives, stay positive, love each other, eat cookies, breathe oxygen, do a dance, pet a dog, drink some root beer, read a good book, find a nice spouse, have awesome children, laugh till you cry, go to Disney World, and smile. Smile like you just one a million, bajillion dollars. 


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