Hello friends and fellow TD fans! How are you all doing? I hope quite well, God bless you all. :)

As we hurdle towards the next two weeks of Pahkitew Island, I want to give those who will read this two tips on how to enjoy the season, even if yyou have no faith or really hate something about it. Now enough with introductions! Let's get on with this blog post.

Tip #1 - Find positives and dwell on those, rather than the negatives.

I understand this might not be an easy thing to do. Our beloved fifth season, the blessed thing that it was, made looking on the bright side very hard when it hopelessly screwed up, well everything. But why dwell on the crap instead of the nuggets of gold you may find? For example, All-Stars horribly derailed almost everyone, but Jo is that wonderful exception. She was funny and became a solider (that is a word, shut your faces) character. I'm not saying second part of the fifth sixth season will be bad, I actually think this could possibly surpass Island in amazingness, but if some of you don't like it or not like certain aspects (which is bound to happen), remember what you did like, and hold on to that.

Tip #2- If you disagree with someone, either ignore or be civil. And try to understand what they see.

Remember the saying, "If you have nothing nice to say, just don't say anything"? Can it be a wiki rule to memorize that? I can't tell you how many flame wars begin when two people in a debate turn stubborn and refuse to see the other's position and then get overly defensive. If you don't like that someone, say, will come to think that Leonard's voice is the most annoying they've heard but you think its the sexiest voice to ever grace national TV, just ignore them or disagree, but understand their arguments and preferences. Same goes vice-versa. Just do unto others as thou wants to be treated. No one needs to explode over differences of opinion. Its not healthy to explode, after all.

Ta-da! Hope you try to remember these things as you watch, review, and comment. Be kind to each other, and look for the good things, even if their unimportant and minuscule. Let's be an example to other wikis on how to discuss and debate.

Have a blessed day you guys.


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