Hello everyone? How are you today? :) 

I've come with an interesting topic for you all, what characters have you once liked, but now disliked? And, by that same token, what characters did you once dislike, but now like?

For me, I used to dislike Tyler. I thought he was boring, and not very likable. Just a dumb jock. But over time I realized how sweet and absolutely hilarious the kid was. I was also a hater of Staci initially, but after reflection and rewatchings I grew to love her too. ^_^

As for characters I used to like? Well, I was embarrassingly a Mike and Zoey fan at first since I thought they were relatable. Mike was even my favorite at one point UGH. I like Heather and Alejandro at some point too, but you guys know how I now feel about them. 

Well, I wait your responses. :) God bless you guys. 

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