Hi there guys! Hope your all having a great evening. This blog I'm posting is different from my other blogs. Its more discussion than reviewing. 

As the title suggests, I'm curious to see what your favorite and least favorite episodes are per season. This isn't a poll or anything, pure discussion. I'm le curious.

My favorites and least favorites from each season are as follows:


TDI: Total Drama Drama Drama Island- My favorite episode of the series overall, everyone was highly entertaining, several got great development, and TEAM E-SCOPE.

TDA: Get a Clue- Great dynamic from the final five as well as being overall hilarious and captivating.

TDWT: Super Fun Crazy Time Japan- The challenge here is one of the best, and I loved all the teams and how they acted. The song and elimination were highly satisfying.

TDR: Bigger, Badder, Brutaler- This episode gave us a great taste of the setting and characters for season four. Everyone was well written and the overall plesant atmosphere of the whole thing makes this my favorite season premiere.

TDAS: Evil Dread- This restored my faith in a season that may have turned out to be a dissapointment, but this episode was still fantastic. It was just great and well written.


TDI: X-Treme Touture- Vey forgettable and far to many boob jokes. Call me a prude but all the refrences to them make me hate the episode.

TDA: 3:10 to Crazytown- Lame, boring, and Gwent broke up.

TDWT: Hawiian Punch- Kids, this is how Not to end a story. No one got the money which would have gone to two undeserving finalists. A majority of the plots weren't finished and the final shot of the cast is them swimming from fiery death.

TDROTI: Eat, Puke, and Be Wary- Crappy challenge and a crappy cameo and a crappy execution to a crappy plotline that shouldn't exist leads to a crappy episode.

TDAS: Saving Private Leechball- Worst episode of the series by far. Read the Moneyballer92's blog for more info.

And now I want to here from you guys! What are your favorite and least favorite episodes from each season of TD! Comment away!

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