I'd like to think myslef a person who doesn't cause conflict. I really hate it. So I worry about posting this blog, as I know it could possibly trigger flames. But I have to say this. I just... must.

As you all know, TDAS was a horrible disaster. Everyone hated it. Why wouldn't we? So naturally, the aftermath led to a lot of blogs and discussions that picked the season apart. People complained about it. Discussed its flaws. We had a grand ol' time of negativity.

But recently a new trend has started. People are getting annoyed with those who are still talking about the blasted season. They're voicing their annoyance, and basically telling people to stop talking about it and move on.

Um, no. This wiki is not a dictatorship. People can complain about whatever they want. It's their right. This blog wouldn't be made if people just agreed with the blog, but some are expecting everyone to agree, and are getting irritated with those who don't.

Personally, I find that hilarious. Remeber last year when everyone was hating on Zoey? Like, EVERYONE. And I remember people who asked for the subject to be changed because it was annoying to see people complaining about the same thing.

What happened to these people? They were dismissed and ignored. And you know what? Those people asking were in the wrong. People were free to complain about Zoey all they liked. It's their right.

So why is it suddenly wrong for people to still voice their hate for All-Stars? Guys, it isn't even that rampant anymore.

I don't want to start controversy, I just don't want people getting angry with each other for the wrong reasons. And I don't want people being told they should stop doing something they don't need to be told to stop.

I understand how it can be annoying, I do find it to be so a little bit, but their are worse problems we could have on this wiki, trust me.

Here's to ignoring what you think is annoying. *drinks a beer... a root beer that is*

God bless everyone. *braces for impact.*

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