Now that I saw Alejandro's ending, with him winning, but still GETTING BURNED AND STILL BECOMEING A ROBOT!!!! I decided I'll stay calm and don't overeact, saying to myself "is just a show" anyway, the point of this blog is that i'l leaving, I had fun times, boring times, hard times etc... but i'm not logging in anymore, I almost find begin here boring, I saw what I wanted to see and NOT EVEN MY BEST FRIEND ON THE WIKI(not for real, just on the wiki) IS ON ANYMORE!!! SO I decied to quit/leave, Good Bye Wiki! If anyone wants to contact me, i'm Derekfan4ever on I'm in the Band Wiki and still Chrisfan4ever on Phineas and Ferb Wiki but i'm not really on, on any one this, but i'm always on Facebook. BYEEE!!! *crys*

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