Welcome to my new series of POTENTIAL METER, with underdogs being treated with further inspection and analyzing its capabilities on competing. If proven successful, I might consider other characters as well.

NOTE - I will try to come up with ideas for the underdogs with the order of this blog. Feel free to join.

First of all, I would analyze Leonard, the LARPer.


Strategic Movement

His leadership might be rusty, as shown in Pahkitew Island, he is shown to think ideas quite easily. He successfully managed to help with his idea of a wizard's tower, but was backfired by the stampede. His ideas might be insanely ridiculous at first, but the fact that he's trying to contribute for the team leads to him having a huge potential in competitions.

However, his strategic movements shine in the Ridonculous Race. With Tammy, he is now trying to make alliances with the Goths and Adversity Twins. Even with the failure of forming an alliance, that moment showed that Leonard was willing to team up with others just to step up their game.

His solutions in contributing is not so good, though. Even with his massive contribution earlier, being a LARPer that he really is, tries to make spells that does not make sense. His arguing drags the team down, and made him eliminated. That was also his downfall in the Ridonculous Race, as they tried to cast a spell when they are actually ahead of the others. However if used correctly, he could outmaster other fodders before being a fodder himself.


His personality made you hate him or love him. He did not end in being a one-sided character, as his personality exceeds others such as Rodney. Nothing much was going to be mentioned regarding Leonard's personality, except that he developed more than most of the Pahkitew Gang, and has spots more for additional development


In Pahkitew Island, he barely interacted with others other than his team. He became annoying to his teammates as he tried to lead his team. While I agree that he's a tad bit annoying, but it's the misuse of Leonard that became him one. His strategic movement will keep his interactions fresh, but was not used to its full potential. Once used to its full potential, such as him finally forming an alliance, it makes things more interesting between other contestants.


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