Okay, Hurt and Heal Blogs are emerging, but I wonder to your eyes if this was either bad or good. I will state my opinions below, and this is what I saw in Hurt and Heal Blogs.

There is not much Hurt and Heal, but what I saw is that if a certain Hurt or Heal was becoming famous, another one spurts in the process. And that's what I hate in terms of Hurt and Heal Blogs, for it became annoying. I know, I am also participating in Hurt and Heal Blogs, but sometimes things ar eout of hand. Other Hurt or Heals are too tedious to even eliminate one, others include all of the characters which was undeniably annoying, and others are poorly made. Hurt or Heal Blogs became a thing, and what I'm glad that it was not taking over other blogs. But once it was going to be made blog after blog, I will absolutely despise them.

Don't blame me for hating them once it became a greedy blog asking for comments. I experienced them in one particular Wikia, and it annoys me to bits. I'm not still despising Hurt or Heals, but it needs to be controlled.

But I'm going to take your opinions. What do you think of Hurt and Heals?

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