Hello folks, in this blog I want to talk about some of my personal opinions about Total Drama, which I believe are rather unpopular on the wiki, not because I want to make anybody angry, it's just for fun, I got inspiration from a forum.

- Total Drama Island is overrated: Overall it's my #2 favorite season, but it's not the top of a tower as people say, it's very different from the following seasons, some things are better, some worse. First, there aren't any plot arcs during TDI, unlike the other seasons, there are only episodic stories, the only exceptions are love stories, Gwen vs Heather, and Heather's alliances, but I believe some of the following seasons had much more creativity with the storylines; some of the characters are off compared to their portrayal in the future, for some of them it's actually the best in the series, like for Gwen, Duncan, but I didn't like it for some others, Harold is lame compared to its TDA self;Noah isn't funny at all (probably because his role is very small in TDI, he gets more attention later and gets funnnier later); Courtney is fine but way too nice, she is supposed to be the contestant that goes from 0 to 60, bossy but civil, desperated when she gets cheated; DJ is seen personality-less for the first episodes, I never thought he was the one to say **** in the first episode, I thought it was Owen because their italian voice actors are similiar, it doesn't suit him, only later in the season we get to see his coward-ish and naturalist side; I'm neutral to Geoff, but I'd say his best portrayal is TDWT, in TDI he is way too nice, in TDA too evil, I didn't like him, sorry; Chris is probably the worst of the bunch, he is very boring in the first season, I couldn't listen to him when he explained the challenges, he was too simple and lame, I prefer his mean personality, it's a parody after all. I still love this season because it's very adventur-ish, it's their first experience and very long and deep, there are a lot of positive things, though IMO World Tour is better.

Most of the time, I enjoy seeing the characters getting hurt: It's supposed to be this way, the show is a parody, everybody is distorced from real life, Chris is exagerated, everybody is like that, because the message of the series, if you watched the final scene of Pahkitew, is: "stay away from the reality shows like Total Drama if you don't want to get into trouble". Reality shows are bad, this cartoon teaches kids to avoid them, if you do any of that stuff you are likely to get injured. This is also the message for tv relationships, they never last, and sometimes they make you crazy, like Dave, but this is also a message for love in general... maybe. Also I enjoy watching karma, Alejandro and Scott were great antagonists but it was good to see them in machines, TD is just a game, it encourages you to play it without using dirty tricks, to keep your morals, so I think that's the message, also they got redeemed in a later season and are now fully recovered. I don't have anything to say about Ezekiel and Dakota, their treatment was truly bad, though I don't really care for Zeke. 

In defense of those who hate the contestants getting hurt: sometimes it's a bland excuse for childish black humor, when they do it too much.

- If the screenhoggers always appear there is a reason: They are the main characters of the series, various stereotypes will be replaced by the new generation contestants, but some of the veterans will never be forgotten, the main characters of each generation are the most iconic and the most likely to return, sometimes though, when there is space, a couple of underdogs can come back and get developed, which happened in TDA and TDWT even if it wasn't what people expected, and they may think it ruined those characters. You can never forget the first cast, it's too important, Owen-Gwen-Heather-Duncan are the ones who made the first season, they deserve to be legendary contestants.

Cartoon elements are a good thing: While I like how Total Drama Island is realistic and has mature joke (I really miss them), I think taking advantage of the cartoon elements is a positive thing, it helps the parody and makes it even more exagerated, it gives some plot creativity, like the aliens on Area 51, the mechanical Pahkitew Island, and the personalities that switch with triggers (though apparently I'm the only who likes the idea), also it makes the show appealing for kids, I belive they enjoy seeing mutant animals and killer robots, sci-fi episodes, even if it's in a reality show, the writers probably wanted to grab the action/sci-fi audience as well.

That's it for now, I may update it with more points when I happen to remember them, I didn't include silly things like character bashing because I don't have much to say about it, well I hate Trent, Katie, Sadie, Staci Leonard, but that's me, you can post your (unpopular) opinions in the comments, even if it is character bashing.

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