Hi, I found all this stuff on Fresh TV twitter and I wanted to share it here, I haven't seen any blog posts talking about it.

- Mike and Zoey will likely NOT return due to their controversy

- Duncan's natural hair is black and brown for Gwen

- The one in the TDRR finale was Sky's big sister

- At one point in RR they planned a finale with Sisters vs Police Cadets, but never with Best Friends

- No deaths on the show, only a couple of interns died

- The ballooned contestants are alive, they popped out over a lake (so basically it was safer than the flush/hurl/drop/cannon of shame)

- Lindsay and Tyler are broken up and single. Tom Mcgillis confirmed.

- Mike and Zoey most likely live together.

This isn't just Christine on twitter, she asks to the producers and the creative team for info. At this point the only couple left from the first gen is Gigette, I guess Aleheather too but technically they aren't both original contestants. It's pretty sad.

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