I'm still putting the spoiler warning however there's no big spoilers in this blog post, because I'm not saying who's been eliminated (I think you know the first one), however it's still dangerous if you don't wish to know certain particulars about the storylines and characters.

This article/section features spoilers. Continue reading at your own risk.

I'd say these 2 episodes were pretty cool, I still can't tell if this cast is better than TDRI's, but I can assure you it's very different, there are quite a lot of variations and surprises, many roles and storylines aren't very clear yet, as of episode 2.

- Sugar: she acts like a queen, a first lady, so yes she is a bit like Ann Marie but not that vamp, she actually likes to get dirty, interacts with pigs (there's a funny joke about that, she looks down to see if he is a boy or a girl), because she lives on a farm. She has conflicts with a lot of people, including Ella, because she attracts the animals a lot more than she does, however she seems to like Leonard a lot. She seems interesting but she has no storyline yet. 

- Dave: I was kinda disappointed by him at first, he is definitely no Noah, I thought he'd be sarcastic but this isn't the case. However he is still enjoyable, as I found later, he is basically the only normal person on his team, he despises everyone else, especially the fairy tale-like characters (I agree with him), he can never get the others to listen to him, but Sky manages to do that for him, and so Dave has a crush for her now. He also doesn't like to get dirt, that is an interesting trait.

- Sky: She is no Zoey, that's good, first of all her athletic powers are explained, and I'm pretty sure the whole Dave & Sky is different from Mike & Zoey, some people say they will not become a couple after all. In fact, Sky explicitly says she is not interested in Dave, she is only here to compete in the reality, I'm thinking she has a secret, either she has a boyfriend somewhere or she is the gay contestant, but I'm just speculating.

- Leonard: Ugh... I really don't like him, he got old very fast, he thinks he is a magician but his spells hardly work (they do work once, though), I don't like his design either, an interesting thing however is that he can speak latin during his spells, nice detail. He doesn't have a personality beyond those things. When his team loses, he says he wants to go back in time so that they won, I thought that was funny.

- Beardo: He is really funny, well he's still mostly a running gag, but I found it much better than other stupid fodder like Ezekiel and Staci. No real interactions with anyone, besides Dave who hates him, I think he can be explored, it would be cool, we'll see in he future. His best sound is probably the one from PacMan, I loved that, and PacMan just got announced for Smash.

- Shawn: I don't know what to think of him yet. He didn't say much in these episodes, he is a loner, constantly scared of Zombies (where are they anyway?), I don't know what his character means, I wish somebody explained it to me, however he seems quite efficient and knows various survivor techniques, so he can "escape the doomsday". Hopefully his storyline is cool, I want to like him, he seems like the main character who is cool despite being a hero, but for now he is still a secret. Oh, and he isn't anything like Duncan, he is quite calm, when he doesn't freak for zombies anyway. 

- Ella: Singing princess, unlikely reality contestant, I can't say much, she does seem a bit like Dawn (which is a bilion times better), but she is a gag so I can stand her. I believe she has a plot or something for the future, for now she is only in conflict with Sugar.

- Topher: He is cool, too bad he doesn't interact with anyone besides Chris, but you can already see where his plot is going, he is trying to imitate his gestures behind him like a shadow, and even does the advertise break. I need to see more of him to make a real judgement. 

- Jasmine: Biggest surprise of the cast? Possibly. I thought she'd be a bland Indiana Jones rip-off, she is actually a great character, a main character who is not bland like Mike and Zoey (same thing for Shawn), basically she acts like a leader, but she's concerned that people find her very scary, almost everyone, including the animals, she is a tomboy but also has feminine traits, she smiles quite often. I was shocked to know that Jasmine & Shawn are the main couple, it's quite interesting because he is an unexpected pairing, unlike Mike & Zoey who just scream "I was made to be with you, you were made to be with me". They haven't interacted much for now, we'll see. 

- Amy & Samey: I think I root for Samey, even if I generally prefer villains, Amy is a real boss, higher level than Courtney, but their interactions are still great fun, Samey is suppressed because she is the younger sister (17 minutes younger). I haven't seen anybody confusing them, despite the fact they dress the same, strange... By the way, I can see Amy getting a lot of karma for her actions. - Rodney: He's cool, I was more excited for him when I heard about his gag than now, but he's alright. Strong and stupid, he falls in love with a different female teammate every episode, first Jasmine then Amy, he thinks he is breaking up with Jasmine in episode 2, but nobody seems to understand him, it's the opposite of Alejandro, thank goodness it's different enough. I wonder: what's gonna happen when the girls are over? 

- Max: Pretty annoying, ok no, he is still enjoyable most of the time, he tries to be evil but (unlike Duncan who does good things) his strategies just don't work, sometimes he is funny and gentle with people, but he never seems to be happy. His character becomes more interesting, however, because of... 

... - Scarlett: She is the surprise contestant, I think we know she will be an antagonist but, she doesn't seem evil for now. She's intelligent and witty, that's cool, and she seems to act like a mother for Max, or a teacher, basically when Max does evil things that but doesn't succed in it, Scarlett secretly fixes it so they work but Max gets all the credit, making him appear like the villain. Scarlett does this to make Max happy, because he's always angry, I can see that becoming a trend this season. But she also seems to be protective over the rest of the team, we see her hugging Amy in the next episode. 

Also, Chris is awesome in these 2 episodes, really funny but not that evil, he even gets the team names translations wrong (like me), he translated them online, there's even a wrong team logo, however Sky seems to know the dialect and makes the right translations. The island has better graphics, better landscapes but is still to be explored, I like how the whole theme is "explosion", both with the name of the island, and the cannon which is the elimination device. Chef got a lot of screentime in the first episode, he is back to his TDWT role during the plane scene.Oh, the team were decided based on who got the real - and actually working - parachutes and who didn't.Every episode has a special prize: some weird food that acts like an advertisement. 

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