I want to give some predictions and thoughts I made about the season after TDPI, saying who are the possible contestants and some things that may happen, and what is the fate of the other characters.

Even though many of you will disagree, TDAS had a great cast, who hasn't been used exactly well, but you can't deny they actually brought the real stars of the first 2 generations. Think about it:

- Heather and Alejandro, main couple and main stars of season 3, and Heather is basically the veteran of the series.

- Duncan, Gwen and Courtney, the 3 most talked and discussed contestants, they are also very popular (especially Duncan), isn't that important for this kind of show?

- The final 6 from Revenge of the Island, nothing to say.

Those are the stars, and then we got:

- Lindsay and Sierra were brought back as comic relief, but Lindsay is a fan favourite, she just wasn't used because the creators didn't know what plot to give her (not because she couldn't have one), and Sierra... I don't know, it's the last time we see her going far, anyway, I'm sure of that.

- Sam, I'll never comprehend why he was in, he is the only Non-Star-At all. They also ruined him, I liked him a lot more in season 4.

Now: Heather, Owen Courtney, Gwen, Duncan, Cameron, Scott, Zoey, Mike and maybe Alejandro, ARE THE MAIN CHARACTERS OF THE SHOW, DEAL WITH IT. This is why they keep coming, while people like Noah and Dawn are left in the dust, you'll never get rid of those guys. Also, not only they are the main characters, they are all very popular among kids, and that's what the creators care about, not the favourites of this wikia, I'm sorry to say that, I don't want to be harsh but it's true, go to Cartoon Netowork's website, you'll find 200 pages of kids talking about Mike, Duncan and Gwen, 200 for each of those 3 I mean.

BUT... I don't expect them to be in Season 7 (after TDPI), and I don't want them, especially those 5 from TDI, I mean, they competed 4 times, sure they will be back, but not so soon, Julie Giles seems to confirm this theory, that some of them will be back in a later season, not the 7th.

Now, who do I think will be in the next one? From G1: Owen and Izzy, of course the former is a pet of the creators, but they both seem to be the only ones they care to keep around, and where the biggest absences in TDAS. I think I know why Owen wasn't in it: they care too much for him, if he was in season 5 with all those all-stars, he (or Duncan/Heather) would have been eliminated early like Lindsay, so they kept him for another occasion. Next time? I can tell you he will compete, and he'll merge again like Duncan did this season

As for the rest of the cast...Mike and Zoey are way too popular among kids to be absent, but not much can be done with Mike now that he has no multiple personalities... I BELIEVE they will be back at some point, but not soon. I think those 2 may be easily replaced by Dave and Sky, who seem to be so similiar to them.

Sugar will also be in the season, I think she will win TDPI but that's just an assumption, I'm speculating, I believe she could be a new Owen, and eventually they could become a couple in Season 7, I just think they are a lot alike, they could get along nicely.

I bet Shawn will be in too, he looks a lot like Duncan. As for the others, I don't know, Topher has a chance I guess, but I'm not too sure.

From TDRI, I bet Dakota will come back, and there's more, if she competes, she will be back to normal (yay), because, as you've seen in previous seasons, contestants in those forms never work: Dakotazoid only lasted 1 episode in TDRI, Gollum-Ezekiel never competed, and Alejandro got out of the Drama Machine after a few scenes, he would have not been able to do anything inside that thing. This one is also a fan wish, don't hold your breath.

There should be at least 6 characters from Pahkitew, from TDRI Brick and Dawn have a chance to be in. I know it seems excessive not to have anyone from TDAS but it's just what I hope, the could still cameo.

One more important thing: The season should be splitted in 2 like with seasons All-Stars and Pahkitew. There can't be a huge season like TDI with 22 characters, the writers don't seem to be capable of handling all those contestants together (not anymore), and seasons like TDA and TDWT had a lot of filler episodes, I didn't like them, so the best thing for me is to split them in 13 episodes so we can have 26 episodes of eliminations, episodes that are worth watching (they also have to be written well). Sorry.

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