Hi everyone. This is my second blog entry and you can pretty much tell it's connected to the first one.

Today Julie Giles left a couple of new replies on her wall on this wiki, confirming several things:

- Next season has 26 episodes and is only 1 part, like TDI

- There are not "20 contestants", but possibly more

- None of the All-Stars players will return in season 6 but probably in the future

- Other old contestants may return

- There will be no All-Stars seasons for the future (maybe in a season 10)

- No aftermaths or specials planned

- "We have a special plan for Owen, so stay tuned..."

First of all, Mega Man Zero's theory has been debunked, and I'm glad of this because I didn't really like it, but I'm not gonna laugh "haha, I told you so" since my theory (see previous blog post)) isn't correct either. Precisely, my original theory was about an All-Stars 2 so definitely not, but some of my points still stand:

- Like I said, it's too early to bring back the All-Stars contestants, whether ballooned or not, even though they are (indeed) the main characters of the franchise, so they will be back sooner or later. I presume we will see them in cameos in season six, at least some of them; I mean, we've never had a season without Duncan and Heather, like we've never had a season without Owen (TDPI doesn't count because it's still season 5).

- Other characters from past seasons will compete, the ones I said in my blog post were: Owen, Izzy, Dakota, Dawn and Brick (as well as Harold and DJ, but these two are more of a personal hope, like Noah for many of you). They still have a chance but...

- This "special plan" for Owen they are talking about... I don't know, it doesn't seem like it's about him competing, how is that special? So right now I don't know if he will be in the season 6 cast, I hope so, maybe he will initially be a contestant, then eliminated and brought back in the Total Drama staff like in season 2? It's a possibility, but I don't think anyone liked that evil Owen, or that concept in general. My guess is that it has something to do with the Ridonculous Race, perhaps Owen will compete in that show along with someone of his family, or he could be the host maybe? I'd love the idea of one of the original contestants hosting TRR, but Owen isn't the type...

- As for the others, like Dawn, Dakota, Bridgette, Julie said there's a good chance of seeing them again, but anyone could be brought back at any point (that's good news, right?). I suspect they could be in season 6, but then again she had to ask to the producer to get the info, she didn't know if they were returning before asking to the producer, even though she has seen season six's cast, so these girls are probably not the contestants she recognised when she first saw the list. 

Now, I wonder: who are these All-Stars she saw? If season 6 has 22-24 contestants, and it's likely going to be fans vs favourites, we are probably getting 11-12 old contestants, I'm gonna say 11, so it's either:

- 4 from TDI (larger cast), 3 from TDRI (short cast), 4 from TDPI (newest cast)

- 5 from TDI (larger cast), 3 from TDRI and 3 from TDPI (short casts)

- 3 from TDI and 3 from TDRI (previous casts), 5 from TDPI (newest cast)

I'm thinking it's the last option. So, who do YOU think is gonna be in season six at this point?

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