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    Let's talk a bit more about Total Drama Daycare in a positive way. My Pros and Cons:

    + My favorite characters are back with a twist

    + Life outside of the competition and reality + More focus on Chef...

    + A smaller but more focused cast

    + Characters from 6Teen, which I've never seen so I will consider as new, that's something I wanted for a new season

    - No one asked to see the characters as toddlers

    - A Daycare? Terrible idea tbh, there were better ways of doing a re-imagination of the series

    - No eliminations or challenges

    - There will probably be some major absents

    As for who may be in it, I doubt Chris will appear, since Christian Potenza is back to voice Jude, but it's possible he will be a teacher (from the description we know there will be tea…

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    TD Trivia Round up

    November 15, 2015 by Chameleon-Guy

    Hi, I found all this stuff on Fresh TV twitter and I wanted to share it here, I haven't seen any blog posts talking about it.

    - Mike and Zoey will likely NOT return due to their controversy

    - Duncan's natural hair is black and brown for Gwen

    - The one in the TDRR finale was Sky's big sister

    - At one point in RR they planned a finale with Sisters vs Police Cadets, but never with Best Friends

    - No deaths on the show, only a couple of interns died

    - The ballooned contestants are alive, they popped out over a lake (so basically it was safer than the flush/hurl/drop/cannon of shame)

    - Lindsay and Tyler are broken up and single. Tom Mcgillis confirmed.

    - Mike and Zoey most likely live together.

    This isn't just Christine on twitter, she asks to the prod…

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    Dawn has passed the audition for The Voice of Italy and she is joining the competition:

    It's a shame I can't find her introduction on Youtube, she is the leader of a celtic clan, she lives in close contact with nature and mother earth, her name is actually Denise but yeah she is VERY similiar to Dawn. I thought it would have been cool to post it.

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    Heather changes her hairstyle all the time in TD, more than any other contestants, and we even have an article for it. So what's your favorite? And what's your least favorite one?

    For me:

    Best - the ponytail in TDAS and some episodes of TDI, I actually thought I'd hate it when I first saw the pics of season 5, my favorite hairstyle before that was the long hair in TDI, now I prefer the ponytail because it's... less rectangular than her long hair. It looks really nice.

    Worst - The red wig from the prehistoric challenge in TDA, that's way too off for Heather, she was better as bald in that season.

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    Hello folks, in this blog I want to talk about some of my personal opinions about Total Drama, which I believe are rather unpopular on the wiki, not because I want to make anybody angry, it's just for fun, I got inspiration from a forum.

    - Total Drama Island is overrated: Overall it's my #2 favorite season, but it's not the top of a tower as people say, it's very different from the following seasons, some things are better, some worse. First, there aren't any plot arcs during TDI, unlike the other seasons, there are only episodic stories, the only exceptions are love stories, Gwen vs Heather, and Heather's alliances, but I believe some of the following seasons had much more creativity with the storylines; some of the characters are off compa…

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