Let's be honest, they deserve another chance and a lot of people miss them (me included). Since the producers want ten seasons, I think there is no damage to have an underdog season considering the impact it would have. I made this blog to explain my opinion about who should be in a season like this, storylines for that characters and the places.

Before I start, I want to say in this season it shouldn't be the characters who competed in All-Stars, the characters who competed in three seasons and the characters who reached merge in TDRI and TDPI.

First generation of cast (one season):


Katie and Sadie

They won't have different interactions with the other contestants if one of them isn't eliminated. I can see them as a fodder elimination and maybe a first double-elimination. I wish the best for them, but I doubt their relevancy in a season like that.

Rankings: 19/18th; 19th-14th

Just eva


I really see her as a main antagonist and she can be one if she will learn how to play the game: when to be tough and mean and when to be manipulative. 

Rankings: 7th-5th (at least merge)

First generation of cast (two seasons):

Noah TDI Rank


The producers hate him and I don't have a reason for that because HE'S AWESOME! Noah's a better Dave and I would love to see a friendship between he and Eva or maybe he and Ella since they have opposite personalities. The writers can do anything, but this character should reach merge at least in a season because he's finalist material.

Rankings: 5th-3rd or Finals

Tyler TDWT Rank


Tbh, I don't really like Tyler that much but I understand a lot of fans love him and, like Noah, he should resist much longer in the season. Tyler and Brick friendship, ftw.

Rankings: 5th-3rd or Finals



I think Justin reached his best in Total Drama Action, but who knows, he can come back as an antagonist and make it further, nothing is impossible when it comes to him and his looks. I would love a Justin-Dakota conflict for fame and paparazzi attention.

Rankings: 13th-11th

Trent (Global Drama)


Please, writers, undone what you did with Trent in Total Drama Action, I want the his old self back. He was so likeable. Possible interactions: friendships with Geoff, Tyler, Ella, and maybe a relationship with Dakota (I see them very compatible)

Rankings: 6th-4th

Geoff TDI Rank


In his case, I can see two possibilities: to make it far or to be eliminated early to host the aftermaths. I will prefer the first choice, I like his personality.

Rankings: 19th; 10th-8th

Cody TDI Rank


Since he took 3rd in TDWT, I doubt he will have another good storyline..

Rankings: 17th-15th

Beth TDI Rank


Beth is lovely, but she was a TDA finalist so the other characters need more spotlight. Additionally, I don't see with who she would hang out if Lindsay doesn't compete.

Rankings: 13th-11th

Second generation of cast:

Bigez Staci Rankings


I will totally give her a chance and a new personality. I didn't see her in the final 10, but a closer place should be okay for a character like her.

Rankings: 13th-11th



She is a fan favourite and her personality is interesting and nice to see. Maybe a friendship between her and Ella since Dawn will like her pure aura? Even Beth is a choice. Totally a potential finalist.

Rankings: 4th-3rd or Finals


Anne Maria

I kinda miss her. How cool would it be a relationship between her and Justin, Rodney or someone random? Yeah, maybe I'm the only one who thinks like that.

Rankings: 8th-7th

Brick McGarther


I have no idea what to say about him, but since he is friendly and athletic (but in a good way, not like Zoey), my rankings will say all.

Rankings: 8th-7th



TOO. AWESOME. She can have interactions with EVERYONE, she can even be the main antagonist of the season. I don't care, I will like her with just one condition: to recover from the Dakotazoid state.

Rankings: 4th-3rd or Finals

Third generation of cast:

Beardo Rank Lulu


I'm okay with his return but he will need to start talking, AND DO SOMETHING IMPORTANT. Anyway, I don't see him last very long.

Rankings: 17th-15th

File:Leonard Rank Lulu.png


A delusional loser remains a delusional loser.

Rankings: 18th-16th

File:Rodney Rank Lulu.png


His running gag will continue until he really finds the true love: (I don't mind Rodney x Beth). I think he deserve to stay more in this season.

Rankings: 10th-9th

File:Ella Rank Lulu.png


Last, but no last: Ella. I don't know, she's so sweet to not reach the merge, but this is the way I think things will go.

Rankings: any place between 19th and 10th

Underdogs, but not returning

  • Ezekiel - feral, he won't recover and if he will, he will take the last place again
  • Blaineley - not a true Total Drama contestant in my opinion, just something random
  • B - him or Beardo, I had to chose between one of them and I chose Beardo because I had fewer TDPI contestants
  • Amy & Samey - their storyline is over, I realise that now
  • Topher - same, his storyline is over, and he is Justin-ish so I don't know why he would return

Few things before I finish

  • Even if I wrote just four contestants as possible winners, I think all the contestants which I ranked at least 8th can reach the Final Two
  • I think they should return to the Abandoned Film Lot for this season
  • It took A LOT to write this, I hope I will get feedback
  • Thanks for reading, bye

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