So yeah, my first blog..

I found some old predictions about Total Drama All-Stars (I made them before it aired) and I thought it isn't too late to post them. To be more clear: those predictions represent how I think TDAS should have been. Let's start.

Total Drama: All-Stars (my way)

14. Sam: First, his place was not here. He's not an all-star and he doesn't even have a story this season. He was just there. God, I still do not understand why this guy got further than Lindsay.

Eliminated in: Heroes vs. Villains (reason: heroes lost the challenge because of his video games addiction).

13. Lightning: A place that he deserves. He got in finals the last season, so 13th is good.

Eliminated in: Evil Dread (reason: same).

12. Jo: And again, the producers did it right. She has a lot of potential, but she was kinda annoying and there was the rest of characters in the season that should remain.

Eliminated in: Saving Private Leechball (reason: same).

11. Sierra: She was a good character in TDWT, but the producers ruined her this season. Really insane.

Eliminated in: Food Fright (reason: Cameron asked Zoey and Mike to help him to get rid of Sierra).

10. Scott: Considering that many people hate him for what he did last season, this place is more than perfect for him.

Eliminated in: No One Eggspects The Spanish Opposition (reason: team found out that he had sabotaged the team like he did the last season so they eliminated him. Scott x Courtney never happened).

9. Heather: Don't get me wrong, I love Heather but she always had good rankings in past seasons. And I gave her a higher place here than in TDAS.

Eliminated in: Suckers Punched (reason: since Courtney and Gwen are friends again and made an alliance, Alejandro and Heather are left. Everybody voted Alejandro out (except himself), but he used the Immunity Idol that he stole from Heather in the earlier episode, so Heather got the flush).

8. Duncan: I hope I'm not the only one that is angry about the places Duncan got along the seasons. I mean, he got 4th - 1st - 5th, so he really needs a 8th.

Eliminated in: You Regatta Be Kidding Me (reason: same).

7. Cameron: Oh well, he got in final two last season, so don't judge me.

Eliminated in: Zeek And Ye Shall Find (reason: same).

6. Zoey: She doesn't deserve the final. Yes, she's sweet, she has athletic skill (too godlike in my opinion), but she got 3rd last season and that's enough said.

Eliminated in: Zeek And Ye Shall Find (reason: after Cameron quitted because he was injured, the elimination ceremony took place, and Mal convinced Alejandro and Lindsay to vote Zoey out).

5. Alejandro: No need to discuss.

Eliminated in: The Obsta-Kill Kourse (reason: mostly the same).

4. Gwen: After two seasons of non-merge, I think she deserve the 4th place this season.

Eliminated in: Sundae Muddy Sundae (reason: Mal showed everyone Courtney's list where she said she want to take Lindsay to the final because she is easy to defeat. Gwen is upset and she's ready to vote off Courtney, but she won immunity. At the ceremony, Gwen and Courtney voted for Mal and Lindsay and Mal voted for Gwen. It was a tie break: Mal won and Gwen was eliminated).

3. Lindsay: It wasn't fair she got 14th in the proper season because she had a lot of potential. In my opinion, she would have been fooled by Mal to make an alliance (like in TDI).

Eliminated in: The Bold and the Booty-ful (reason: Mal tried to sabotage Courtney the whole episode but he failed. In the end, the girls realised that Mike is actually Mal. Lindsay slowed down Mal in order to help Courtney to win. Courtney got first, Mal second and Lindsay got automatically eliminated.

Mal vs. Courtney: All the contestants were present at the confruntation. Courtney's helpers were Gwen (who forgave her) and Scott. Mike's helpers were Zoey and Cameron (who tried to release Mike from his mind). Mike defeated Mal and regained control. Someone wins, but the island, eventually, sinks.

So, this is it! Yeah, i know, it's not the most original idea, but it's my first blog so be nice, please.

P.S.: english is not my first language.

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