SOO.. I'm planning a fan-fiction (yeah, I know it's hard and it takes a lot of time but I will do my best) and I'm gonna introduce a new cast of 18 contestants. These are the stereotypes and if I will get good feedback, maybe I will stick with the fan-fiction:

  • Adam – The Mysterious Skinny
  • Ben – Just Some Unspecial Guy
  • Chadburn – The Jungle Freak
  • Charlotte – The Heather Wannabe
  • CeCe – The Soul Sensor
  • David – The Perfection
  • Emily – The Swimmer
  • Harper – The Identity Crisis Dork
  • Hunter – The Immoral Bodybuilder
  • Isaac – The Rich Kid
  • Joshua – The Ladies Kid
  • Jude – The Independent Punker Chick
  • Kevin – The Ex-Jock
  • Margaret – The Beloved Granny
  • Raj – The Indian Nerd
  • Savannah – The Hot Drop of Attitude
  • Sophia – The Teen Politician
  • Yuki – The Ōjo

If you like these character, please be free to comment! Any moral support is important for me right now and I'm opened to questions and suggestions.

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