Probably we'll have a season 6, and it's pretty obvious that some of the contestants from TDPI will come back. I chose them because they still have potential left.

Returning contestants



Who doesn't like Rodney? I mean, he's not the smartest character ever, but it's kinda funny. If he returns for the next season, he should have a real relationship.. maybe with.. Beth?! why not. Both of them live in a farm and since Brady won't come back soon, I think they'll make a good couple. And if they don't, Rodney can remain with his "falling for every girl in the show" plot, it's not that bad.



What did I just say?! A season with Samey, but not with Amy? Yes, Samey has more potential than Amy, because she's sweet, friendly and I want to see more of Samey x Jasmine friendship. A good plot will be if Samey is good at the beginning of the show, but later she would become more bossy and mean, just like Amy. OR, before she's eliminated, it's revealed to be, in fact, Amy, who's pretending to be her? How awesome will be that?



Ella is the most sweet, the most friendly, the most innocent character on this show. She has such a lovely personality and it would be a shame if she's not returning for a season (maybe one with singing like TDWT). Beside that, she's still searching for her Prince Charming, isn't it?



Dave should come back for another season with only one condition: to have another storyline except Sky. He's Noah-ish, and if he and Noah participate together on a season, I see them being best friends or being harsh enemies. In each way, I think he would be voted out early.



THIS. CHARACTER. RULES. SHE'S SO AWESOME OMG, she MUST return to another season because she has a lot to do. I don't like the Scarlett from episode 10 (the insane Scarlett), so I think (and want) she will be admitted to a mental hospital and recover. Just imagine this character to be introduced on the second part of the season (like Courtney in TDA) and everybody would be like "GAAASP" and she: "Don't worry, I'm better now" and she would use her genius mind to eliminate people and everybody would believe she's innocent. 'With the risk of sounding boastful, sometimes I think I would write better storylines than the producers, argh.



He's annoying sometimes, but he had his funny moments. He deserves another season, even though he would be voted out early. Maybe he will try to find a new sidekick, maybe.. hm.. Ezekiel?

~The next characters are in alphabetical order, so don't worry~



I just love her! First time I saw her I was like "ew.. a comic relief of Indiana Jones.. what is wrong with you producers", but now she's my favourite character. I hope she'll reach the final and win this season because she's purely awesome. If she doesn't, I'm 100% sure she will come back the next season.



I really liked her at the beginning of the season, but she is starting to annoy me. I'm really trying not to call her Zoey 2.0, but she shows she deserves that nickname every episode. If she come back the next season, Sky should giving up on relationships and concentrate on the game. I don't want Zoey and Sky in the same season, because it would be a waste of a contestant spot.



Sugar! Sugar Sugar, bo Bugar banana fanna fo Fugar fi fay mo Mugar, Sugar! (okay ignore that i'm obsessed with American Horror Story). BUT I LOVE THIS CHARACTER! She's so gross sometimes, but she's funny, even if I didn't watch Honey Boo Boo. Let's be honest, it's certain she'll be in another season.

Non-returning characters



Lame, no potential, beatboxing is not a personality.



Is this guy insane? How in the world can someone believe he's a wizard? Yeah, I get it, Leonard is a comic relief, but he's really annoying and I don't want him to come back until he buys real clothes and a new personality, lol.



She's a meaner Courtney, but a nicer and less athletic Eva. Her storyline with Samey was interesting, but if she would come back for another season, what would she do? Just be mean?



Meh, yes, he has a personality, but he's like a Justin 2.0. I really can see him as a host on that race spin-off, but as a contestant.. just don't.



Um, I realise I'm the only person in this wiki, in this world, in this universe, in this dimension who hate Shawn and don't want him to return for another season, but in my opinion, he's too overrated. How did he destroy the Chris-bots so easy with his tiny arms? How does he have so many skills? And don't make me start about his credence in zombie's existence.. You're free to hate, but first give some reasons.

Well, this is it. I can't wait to see what you think, so be free to comment!

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