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    Let's be honest, they deserve another chance and a lot of people miss them (me included). Since the producers want ten seasons, I think there is no damage to have an underdog season considering the impact it would have. I made this blog to explain my opinion about who should be in a season like this, storylines for that characters and the places.

    Before I start, I want to say in this season it shouldn't be the characters who competed in All-Stars, the characters who competed in three seasons and the characters who reached merge in TDRI and TDPI.

    Katie and Sadie

    They won't have different interactions with the other contestants if one of them isn't eliminated. I can see them as a fodder elimination and maybe a first double-elimination. I wish t…

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    SOO.. I'm planning a fan-fiction (yeah, I know it's hard and it takes a lot of time but I will do my best) and I'm gonna introduce a new cast of 18 contestants. These are the stereotypes and if I will get good feedback, maybe I will stick with the fan-fiction:

    • Adam – The Mysterious Skinny
    • Ben – Just Some Unspecial Guy
    • Chadburn – The Jungle Freak
    • Charlotte – The Heather Wannabe
    • CeCe – The Soul Sensor
    • David – The Perfection
    • Emily – The Swimmer
    • Harper – The Identity Crisis Dork
    • Hunter – The Immoral Bodybuilder
    • Isaac – The Rich Kid
    • Joshua – The Ladies Kid
    • Jude – The Independent Punker Chick
    • Kevin – The Ex-Jock
    • Margaret – The Beloved Granny
    • Raj – The Indian Nerd
    • Savannah – The Hot Drop of Attitude
    • Sophia – The Teen Politician
    • Yuki – The Ōjo

    If you like these character, please be …

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    Probably we'll have a season 6, and it's pretty obvious that some of the contestants from TDPI will come back. I chose them because they still have potential left.


    Who doesn't like Rodney? I mean, he's not the smartest character ever, but it's kinda funny. If he returns for the next season, he should have a real relationship.. maybe with.. Beth?! why not. Both of them live in a farm and since Brady won't come back soon, I think they'll make a good couple. And if they don't, Rodney can remain with his "falling for every girl in the show" plot, it's not that bad.



    What did I just say?! A season with Samey, but not with Amy? Yes, Samey has more potential than Amy, because she's sweet, friendly and I want to see more of Samey x Jasmin…

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    So yeah, my first blog..

    I found some old predictions about Total Drama All-Stars (I made them before it aired) and I thought it isn't too late to post them. To be more clear: those predictions represent how I think TDAS should have been. Let's start.

    14. Sam: First, his place was not here. He's not an all-star and he doesn't even have a story this season. He was just there. God, I still do not understand why this guy got further than Lindsay.

    Eliminated in: Heroes vs. Villains (reason: heroes lost the challenge because of his video games addiction).

    13. Lightning: A place that he deserves. He got in finals the last season, so 13th is good.

    Eliminated in: Evil Dread (reason: same).

    12. Jo: And again, the producers did it right. She has a lot of pot…

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