Okay guys, this is my first blog. So, you know how Duncan and Gwen's relationship is being questioned because Duncan was acting like he still has feelings for Courtney? Well I have a theory on the Aftermath that they'll clear everything up in a certain way. Read this:

Duncan and Gwen are arguing while Blaineley smiles at the trouble she started.

Gwen:"You're so confusing!"

Duncan:"Me?! You need to check yourself sister!"

Gwen:"You played with my heart!"

Duncan:"To get Courtney eliminated!"

Gwen:"Did it?!"


Gwen:"Exactly! You're an insensitive jerk! I thought you were the only one that got me and would do nothing to hurt me! I guess I was wrong!"

Duncan:"You're not wrong! Just-Just...Just shut up and listen okay?! Gwen, you are the most funny, butt-kicking, awsome, fearless girl I ever met and you're so...."

Gwen:"So what?! What else do you have to say to try and convice me that you're sorry which I doubt will work!?!"

Duncan:"Irresistable! I love you Gwen! I loved you from the beginning of this crappy show and I was just that if we did go out and then break up, I would loose you for good! You're the best thing that ever happened to me! I admit that I was so stupid to ever play with your heart especially after we kissed! I'm sorry Gwen and I can't live my life if you're not in it!" They stare at eachother for a while in an awkward silence.



Gwen:"I-I love you too Duncan. I always have."


Gwen:"Y-Yeah." They makeout and everyone cheers, even Courtney and Trent (maybe not them lol)

What do you think? Please don't blog any rude comments and say that it's stupid ar dumb or impossible bacause everything is possible. And if I get 100 DxG comments, the people who posted will be my friends (and don't say that's stupid either).And I will make a story about them. Thanks

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