The Good and the Bad and Ugly

The twins' plot in Total Drama was one to remember...... or forget.  That is, if it ended properly.

It starts with Samey auditioning for Total Drama to get away from her horrid sister Amy.  Amy auditions only because Samey did.  Also just to outshine her and make her life miserable like she does at home.

While in the competition, she is forced to be called a degrading nickname Amy has always called her.  Samey starts to bond with Jasmine, which gets her to thinking she needs to stand up for herself.  But Amy manipulates everyone to sympathize with her and lash at Samey.  Samey then comes up with a devious idea to poison Amy and have her be eliminated in Samey's place.  Her plan was successful, or was it?  Because she did that, she gets to hear in front of her face everyone on her team berate her, still thinking Amy is the good twin.  It was then she began to lose her self-esteem again.  Then SOMEHOW, Amy swims all the way back to the island interrupting Samey in the challenge and lunges at her.  Now because of her, Samey's team loses and her team votes her off, and because Chris has had enough of the confusion between them, he eliminates both the sisters.

I don't know about all of you but I feel their plot ending was not good at all.  It seems now they're just constantly bickering sisters.  I thought their ending would be both of them treating each other like family; but then I realized that's highly unlikely, seeing that Amy has been doing this basically all her life.  I feel like they should both come back so that their plot can ending much better. Like say, Samey finally gains self-confidence, showing off what she's made of, showing everyone that Samey is the nice and BETTER twin, and finally putting Amy in her place.

Another thing, with Samey's "development", it seems as though she kind of sunk down to Amy's level.  With her kind of character she could have given Amy a verbal attack than physical.

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