Total Drama: The Ridonculous Race Season 2

New Contestants:

Rachel and Milo (Acquaintances) - They're both next-door neighbors who see each other from time to time but don't hang out a lot.  They hardly know anything about each other.  They both happened to sign up for the show and decided "why not be partners?"  Rachel is a sweet and carefree kind of girl but can be shy at times.  Milo is a jokester who loves to dole out puns even at the most inappropriate times.  Both are 18.

Calvin and Tim (Grandfather and Grandson) - Calvin doesn't believe he's hit old age yet, and tries whatever it takes to make him appear young, sometimes to the chagrin to Tim and himself.  He can be rather stubborn especially when he's called out for being old.  Tim is a caring guy who tries to get his grandfather to accept his age and take it easy.  Calvin is at least 65, Tim is 19.

Tobias and Susan (Cousins) - These two have very different intrests which it difficult for them to get along well.  Tobias is a very intelligent scholar, and very tech-savvy; he aspires to be a technical engineer.  He spends most of his time on electronics, so he doesn't get out much.  Susan is a pretty and rather vain girl who wishes to model.  She mostly focuses on her looks especially when she's on camera. Both are 20.

Mindy and Wendy ("Closer" Twins) - Identitcal twins who are so close they're like best friends.  They are a team of unoffical counselors, and call themselves "The Closers".  They wish to bring any members of family closer together like they are.  They're both are very upbeat, kind, and knowledgeable about family therapy.  Both are 19.

Nancy and May (Soccer Moms) - Good friends who always meet up whenever they take their kids to the little league game.  They are always going on about how great their kids are what they would do in the situation they're in.  Both are 30.

Frank and Cheri (Connoisseurs) - These two have a great sense of taste and are quick to judge.  Sometimes they would compare the other contestants or predicament they're in with a certain food.  Frank is the more judgmental one as he claims his senses are higher than Cheri's, which leads to him having many rude remarks to say.  Cheri is more uplifting and judges more fairly.  Frank is 21, Cheri is 19.

Eleanor and Millie (Aunt and Niece) - Eleanor is very close to her niece's mom and goes through her methods of always treating Millie like a queen; always keeping her clean and out of harms way.  But Millie she's gotten sick of this treatment and wants be more outgoing and normal.  Eleanor is 37, Millie is 13.

Jarrell and Jordan (Brothers) - Jarrell is a popular football star in school, but he's also one of the biggest bullies.  Most of the time he doles out his bullying on his little brother Jordan.  He'll make him do whatever he doesn't feel like doing and constantly taunt him.  Jordan is very shy but smart person who tries to figure out ways to deal with his brother.  Jarell is 17, Jordan is 13.

Alex and Chuck (Game Show Pros) - These two men have competed in may kinds of game shows.  So they have expertise in any trivia or puzzles.  Sometimes their trivial knowledge can get the better of them as they will share random knowledge to people quite randomly and out of nowhere. Alex is 26, Chuck is 25.

Bruce and Freida (Vigilantes) - These two are great friends but are a bit deluded.  They both aspire to be real superheroes, protectors of evil; but ultimately they end up making fools out of themselves.  Both are 17.

Buck and Jessie (Cowfolk) - A brother and sister team born and raised from the west.  They both really care about each other and their well being.  Buck is a strong, mellow, and friendly cowboy, and plays the game like he knows how. Jessie is a very lively cowgirl and very passionate about her origins and beliefs.  Buck is 20, Jessie is 19.

Max and Evelyn (Evil-Doers)- While Max was looking all around an "evil" blog he tried to find a new sidekick, after his old one, Scarlett, was sent to juvie.  He managed to find a girl named Evelyn who truly aspires to be evil.  He finds out she will be competing on the Ridonculous Race and schedules or "demands" to partner with her.  Max doesn't know a lot about her, but she doesn't play games when it comes to evil. Max is 16, Evelyn is 17.

Scott and Rodney (Farmboys)- Distant cousins who recently found out they both competed on Total Drama.

Amy and Samey (Cheerleader Twins)- Fed up with their constant fighting, the sisters' mom decides they should sign up for this show to try to improve their relationship.


Dwayne and Junior (Father and Son)-  They were given the opportunity to compete in the 2nd season and accepted.  Dwayne decided he should let Junior be more outgoing and make his own decisions, while be protective on occasion.  Junior becomes even more focused on winning this time but he finds something that could either distract him or motivate him.  Which even makes Dwayne more concerned than ever.

Owen and Noah (Reality TV Pros)-  Like the Father and Son team, they were given the opportunity to compete in the 2nd season and accepted.  Noah is back to his normal self after season 1, focused on the competition and is currently still dating Emma.  But Owen, he starts feeling a little jealous and depressed as he remembers Izzy.  Noah thinks that Owen needs to move on, especially considering she was way too insane.  But then along the way, Owen finds something that could change who he is for good.


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