I've been thinking for a while.  Since Fresh TV has parodied two reality shows, "Survivor" and "The Amazing Race".  What if they decide to parody more?  I know many other reality shows have been mentioned within the show itself.  But still, what if they went somewhere with those? Or others like the ones listed here; and my opinions on who could compete for each:

  • "Big Brother"
Owen, Lindsay, Beth, Dawn, Sam, Scott, B, Shawn, Leonard, Sugar, Max
  • "Top Chef"
DJ, Chef Hatchet, Geoff, Courtney, Rodney, Ella
  • "Next Top Model"
Lindsay, Heather, Zoey, Anne Maria, Dakota, Amy, Samey, Taylor, Leshawna
  • "The Bachelor/Bachelorette"
Bachelor: Courtney, Gwen, Anne Maria, Sugar, Ella, Izzy, Eva, Lindsay
Bachelorette: Trent, Justin, DJ, Cody, Harold, Lightning, B, Scott, Dave, Topher, Rodney
  • "The Biggest Loser"
Owen, Justin, Sam, Staci, Dakota, Max
  • "The Apprentice"
Courtney, Izzy, Harold, Duncan, Cameron, Brick, Scarlett
  • "The Mole"

Alejandro, Heather, Noah, Duncan, Harold, B, Scott, Mike, Max, Scarlett

  • "Twinning"
Amy, Samey, Mickey, Jay

So I ask, what reality shows do you think should be Total Drama-ed?  What contestants could you see participating for each? And how would it work?

Who knows? Maybe we'll see more of the "Reality TV Pros". Just a thought.