I am currently coming up with ideas for labels and personalites for new characters.  I haven't come up with any names for the characters yet, but I will put down the labels and a description for like how they are or how they would play for each of them.  If anyone else comes up with any more, I'll add them to the list.

The Expert Magician- This character is well known as a professional magician outside the show, and believes he could win using the power of his magic.  He's able to perform the impossible, making stuff disappear and reappear, even make the most cliche tricks look amazing like pulling a rabbit out of his hat.

The Recluse- This character chooses spends most his time alone in solitude.  His parents want him to spend time out of the house and make new friends, so he reluctantly decides to go on Total Drama.

The Queen of the Comeback- This character can be very feisty and irritable, but is nice and cool to the people she considers cool.  With every snappy and rude remark Chris makes to anyone. She would retort and make a snappier comeback which will Chris would get very annoyed by.

The Silent Writer- This character is pretty shy and always carries a book, which is her journal, and a notepad where she writes what she's feeling or trying to say.  Sometimes what she's writing would appear where the audience can see the words and the color of the text would depend on her mood.

The Prodigy- This character is highly intelligent, but very nice and social.  He mostly comes up with the team's plans, but sometimes speaks in a very high vocabulary where everyone else gets confused or annoyed by.

The Fierce One- This character is very devious and cunning when it comes to competition.  He would do whatever it takes to win, whether it's by nearly killing people, manipulation, or even cheating.

The Large Commander- This character appears big, buff, and intimidating.  He has been team captain of every event or game he's been in.  But beneath his tough exterior lies a kind and gentle guy.  But he can be intimidating when people don't go according to plan.

The Button Pusher- This character is eager for drama and loves to get under people's skin.  She would try to learn anyone's deepest secrets and blackmail them, or try to cause arguments with other contestants.

The Aspie-  This character has Asperger's Syndrome.  He has a bit of trouble when it comes to social interaction and being around other people.  He'll try to follow what everyone else is doing in order to fit in and be a team player.  He also tends to get anxious and nervous when around girls.  Though he is knowledgeable he would be afraid to speak up, thinking he would be embarrased.

The Prop Comedian- This character thinks he's funny always doing prop comedy using any item he can within reach.

The Ventriloquist- This character is quite nerdy and awkward, but a master ventriloquist.  He isn't very active and is filled with trivial information.

The Puppet- The Ventriloquist always carries him around.  He would sometimes mock or berate the ventriloquist and believes to superior to him.

The Cannibal

The Ninja

The Hawaiian Girl

The Builder

The Destroyer

The Candy Lover

The Classical Insanity

The Knight in Shining Armor

The Beauty Sponsor

The Manchild

The Fiery Fashionista

The Exotic Animal Lover

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